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Official Stimhack Netrunner Mentor Program Updated With Pairings! Now with a tournament!

Hi, (posting here since am still blocked on PM)

Firstly, thank you @divadus for joining. As you mentioned, you’re located in New Zealand. I’ve paired @dr00 and @crisscrosses together, but it turned out they were from the same local meta, so would you be interested in working with them? (and likewise the two of you with him?)



Role: Mentee
Time Zone: US Eastern Time (GMT -5)
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Area where you think you need to improve: I think I’m intermediateish. I qualified twice for ANRPC GLC finals, finished 13th and 15th in two ~60 person tournaments, but did not make top 8 at a regional and finished bottom half of GLC finals, SSCI, and Chicago regional (so maybe I’m not yet intermediate? Hard for me to gauge). I think I need help as both corp and runner in identifying when to switch gears - I think too often I’ll tunnel vision an R&D dig, or scoring in a remote, when my resources would be better spent either pressuring elsewhere or defending centrals more. I also think that when I’m runner, a few times a game I’ll take good-but-not-best lines of play, and consequently will sometimes end up losing to a very good player by 1 score when I likely could have had the win.

A bit late to the party but if there is still pairings I’m up for some fun

Role: Mentor/Mentee
Time Zone: GMT +1
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise: I am a generalist and have rather good game sense what to do and general archetypes but I play to defensive and I do not play my fast advance decks as fast as I see others do.
On the runner side I feel confident when the match progresses in a normal pace but I have problem when the Corp blitzes and I am often left in the dust or have expended my resources to rapidly and end up without any rig.

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I too am late to the game! If at all possible it would be cool to get paired up.

Role: Mentee
Time zone: Pacific Time Zone (GMT -08:00)
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise: Trying to develop a better intuition and mindset while playing

Seeing how there is so much interest, I’d love to take a 3rd mentee, so I’ll repost here once I have a schedule going with my second one as well.

Kudos once again though for creating this, it’s really fun and even the mentors get to learn something out of all of this!

Just wanted to report that my games/lessons with @zogstrip are going really well and we get to have some quite fun games! He actually beat me in all of the jinteki games thus far (feedback filter + magnum opus :smile: ) but I believe zogstrip is well on his way to learning how to cope without any net damage protection!


How late am i to the party ? Way too late. But i’ve been doubting to sign up to this , but decided to do it anyway, because i have nothing to lose.

Role: Mentee (Yes , Mentee)
Time Zone: CET
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes

Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise: Played old netrunner , played new netrunner, know the rules well enough that i judge tournaments. But i always end up playing Jank , Shaper , Jin Teki (Black Tree) or a combination of them. With some minor Weyland tossed in there for good measure.

You will notice all these have have 1 thing in common ; They aren’t generally the T1 decks. And ever since NEH came out , i feel i’ve been resisting playing T1 decks and trying to find my own niche thing. Thats nice and cute , but i feel i’m out of touch with meta plays. I understand most T1 decks and what they do and how to counter , but not to pilot.
Running agressively (Crim) is also something that goes against my grain. So could some touch-up.

I would prefer ‘non local’ meta.

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Can any mentors / high-level mentees who’d be able to help multiple people please let me know if they have time to help out multiple people?

OMG, I want this. I’ll buy a mic if I get paired

Role: Mentor - I’m already competent, usually rank 40-50 in STL, but need feedback/experience playing advanced opponents.
Mentee - I can teach intermediate strategy with the following archetypes: PPVP Kate, Noise, SMC Anarch, Reg MaxX, Andysucker, Security Sunny, HB Glacier, NEH Fastro, Blue Sun Glacier, RP Glacier, Greenhouse Rush. No jank decks please
Time Zone: EST
Able to Voice Chat? : Yes, probably, I hope…
Format: OCTGN only

I need to improve on high level decision making, recognizing mistakes, planning turns ahead, dealing with adverse situations. As runner I need to learn when to put the pedal on the gas more, as corp I need help playing kill decks and making advanced decisions in fastro

I’m good enough at glacier, knowing when to push agendas and setting up early econ. As runner I’m good at control decks, building and striking when strong, and figuring out how to make strong end game pushes. Best at HB glacier, RP glacier, okay with Blue Sun glacier. As runner I’m good with PPVP Kate, Noise, SMC Val or Whizzard.

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I will be helping 4 people as of current, @kata124 (as per special request earlier on), @Milchtee, @koichinakano, and @jflans.

To my above students, please give your patience as this is a busy time for me at my current job, and I will respond with a calendar schedule where we can slot time accordingly.


I see you took my title recommendation :slight_smile:

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You’re a hero :slight_smile:

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Yup, I loved your suggestion!

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Oh no! I just discovered this thread. Is it too late to get in on this as a mentee/student?

To sign up, make a post with the following info
Role: Mentee
Time zone: CST (US Central)
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
I’ve played a lot of NEH Sportsball and RP on the corpside and Maxx on the runner side. Primarily looking for advice regarding higher level decision making and game sense. Hoping to start taking competitive play more seriously. Interested in becoming more familiar with the competitive standard decks but also in the more challenging/interesting competitively viable decks.

I just “met up” with fellow mentee last night for a couple of games and it was a lot of fun. So helpful to just talk through choices and why we are making them and what possible outcomes could be. “What is the worst case scenario for what that unrezzed ICE is?”

Maybe one of my problems is trying to think of everything in my head rather than talking it out. Difficult to do in competitive situations, but I think I need to talk more in this game.


To anyone in the GMT -6 timezone whom has not yet been paired with a mentor, I am willing to take on another mentee so just send me a PM if you’d like. I am also more than willing to pair up with another mentor. I could always learn more!

If I’m not too late

Role: Mentee
Time zone: Pacific (Portland)
Able to use Voice Chat?: Skype, can install something else if needed
Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise:
Want to get better in general, but most interested in getting better at Noise and Fast Advance. Help with Criminal and Jinteki shell game would also be appreciated. I use OCTGN, might dip my toes into jinteki.net at some point.

Usually available weeknights.

@TinyGrimes and I had our first chat. Looking forward to some game sharing and playing!


I learned so much from @spags in our chat. I can’t wait to do it again soon. Thanks for setting up this great program. P.S. I just used my new knowledge to wreck someone on Jinteki with NEH Astro.


Are any sessions being recorded/streamed? I don’t really have the time to mentor (or be a mentee, depending on how prideful I feel like being) right now, but I’d love to see what people are discussing and how things are going.

I meant to record my session with my mentee, but forgot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully I’ll remember next time!