Official Stimhack Netrunner Mentor Program Updated With Pairings! Now with a tournament!

At this point, we’re aiming more for self-organizing as the initial interest has certainly died down. So please get in touch with each other to get going :slight_smile:

I have moved to Barcelona, a city with a healthy community, and I want to get better in Netrunner!

Role: Mentee
Time zone: GMT+1
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise: Want to get at top Store Championship (or better, why not!) player

This is an excellent idea!

Don’t know if you made it last week since I was out of the country, but I’ll definitely be there Friday and am always happy to help when I can. Also, I have another Swordsman for you!

Role: mentor
Time zone: GMT -8
Able to use voice chat: Yes
Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise: I play mostly Anarch, Jinteki, and NBN. The only faction I don’t have much of any experience with is Shaper.

This thread’s been going a while so I’m not sure who hasn’t found a match. I don’t consider myself a top tier player, and I’ve only been at it for a little over a year, but I’ve been consistently successful at GNKs lately (something like first or second in 4 out of the last 5). I think what most people need to improve is just some third party perspective, so even if I’m not the greatest I can provide constructive feedback on decks and play.

Yeah I went last Friday. Will probably go this week as well.
Thanks for saving me that, see you in the cafe around 6?


Are there any mentors in the UK willing to take on a mentee at the moment? I had some great sessions with my original mentor, but he can’t currently commit. I’m just generally looking to develop my game sense at the moment, with good net decks.

I’m in Chile, which is only off by three hours, what sort of times/days are you looking for?

hi hhooo! late evening is best for me after chores are done - 9 pm to 11 pm or so - i.e. 6 to 8 pm your time.

hhooo - you’re off the hook - I really appreciate your offer though!

I assume the programme is still somewhat active, I haven’t checked in with other people but I still reach out to my mentees regularly. Also check your PM inbox

I’m actively mentoring still, but it’s more like a scheduled testing session since we’re close in skill level.

i still tutor once a week with my mentee. currently working on a palana.

we play pretty actively beyond that, just casual games and !jank stuff.

were you at Games of Berkeley on Monday? I think we met briefly.

I’d be happy to mentor someone in the area. Mondays at GoB & Wednesdays at Eudo are a good start if you want to do in-person work.

Role: Mentee
Time zone: US Eastern (GMT-5/-4)
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise:
I’m pretty new to the game, only been playing about a month or two. Have mostly been playing NEH FA and also that dumb Whizzard/Wyldside/Faust/Cutlery deck everyone loves to hate. I’m looking to expand my grasp of fundamentals, branch out into Shaper (probably either Hayley or Kate), and it’d be nice to try something new on the corp side too. (Maybe Jinteki PE, because I am awful at that matchup, never feel like I know what to do when running against them.)

Thanks in advance!

hello fine people of stimhack!

I’d love some advice on improving my play, but I have a question before signing up.
My living situation makes it really difficult to do anything over skype, and even setting up a common time for the mentoring would be fairly tricky.

So would anyone be willing to mentor in a non-live environment?

Say by commenting on a recorded game posted to youtube, via the comments section or email or whatever. If anyone is up for that, please let me know!

Sure thing, send some videos my way

Role: Mentee
Time zone: Central European (GMT+1)
Able to use Voice Chat?: No (non-live environment only please)
Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise:
I started playing around the time O&C came out. I think I’m an OK casual player but I want to be able to compete well enough to win a GNK or maybe a store champ. I like making my own decks but I also realise that is not probably the route to victory for me, so I’m fine with piloting whatever is meta at the moment (except maybe crazy CI combo stuff).
Any and all improvement tips are welcome!

thanks RJay, I’ll message you

New member here, really keen to get better at Netrunner!

Role: Mentee
Time zone: GMT
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Area where you think you need to improve: I want to be a better player, be able to recognise when to run, scoring windows, etc.

I have been playing since the start of the year, we have a small group in my town that play on a Tuesday and I have a friend who started at the same time as me that I play a lot. I get some games in on Jinteki, but often get destroyed on there.

On the runner side, I have mostly played Stealth Kit, which I do fairly well with - I came second in a small tournament my FLGS put on and won 3/4 games at a Store Champs with her. More recently I have been playing Pitchfork Hayley, it’s a lot of fun but often a loss, which I put down to relying too much on Kit’s ability for safer face checks.

On corp, I have played a mix of NBN and Blue Sun (both vegan glacier and kill), I’m not as strong with the corp. I was doing OK with glacier BS, but I struggle to land a kill (and I don’t really like playing kill decks). I really like SYNC, but struggle to balance against a mix of people who avoid tags and those who just go tag-me.

I’m happy to mix things up with decks, recently I read some of TheBigBoy’s blog posts and have removed all silver bullets from my Kit deck in order to learn how to play against some of the trickier archetypes.