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I lived the dream

(this card sucks, don’t play it. but in this case it won me the game.)

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i still don’t understand how it’s so terrible. basically the only thing many decks can do vs blue sun is build up kati. snatch and grab just says nope, no matter which option they choose

in my experience, most people aren’t playing kati jones right now, and it’s not too much harder to beat her without devoting deck space to it. stimhack seems more popular than kati these days.

Corp cards that do nothing in over half of matchups are awful.

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I disagree about Cujo, and it’s replaced Mimic in my Noise deck with nary a regret.

With Noise I find the most irksome sentries to be Komainu and Tsurugi, I want them rezzed, but I don’t want to eat their subs when I do (in case they trash my parasites/deja vus/etc…). This is before I am fully set up and have Grimoire + Clone Chip + Datsucker counters. With Mimic breaking those many subroutines is a hassle and the credit loss sets me back almost as much as losing the cards would. In this regard Cujo is far superior, and I can pawn it happily when emptied. When dealing with mid range sentries like Architect or Caduceus Cujo is slightly inferior, a defect that can be rectified with Datasuckers. AND it gives the flexibility to deal with large / str 4 sentries should the need arise.

As a long term killer? Worse than Mimic. Sure. As a short term safety net to face check sentries so I can get my parasites on them? Better than Mimic.


and yet Feedback Filter and Plascrete are played. I think SNG is a Corp equivalent of those 2 cards. it may be dead in some match ups, but it will dramatically increase and/or basically guarantee your win in some match ups.

i won’t be home til about 8pm EST, but i’d be glad to play on stream

Corp silver bullets are worse than Runner silver bullets, all else equal. Here’s why:

  • Corp is very vulnerable in the opening. Having a useless Plascrete in Runner’s opening hand means you just overdraw and pitch it. It slows you down by a click, or less with Diesel/QT/etc. For Corp your early clicks need to be playing ICE and money, otherwise you get plundered and pillaged.

  • Corp can’t draw as much without flooding agendas. So Diesel is much better than Anonymous Tip though both have the same card text. I have literally in a tournament used Mr. Li for two consecutive turns to go 16 deep in my stack and find my Plascrete against Weyland, then won. Corp has no comparable way to dig for a bullet.

  • Corp has much more limited tutoring. Runner can still Special Order / SMC / Test Run their icebreakers, no matter how many dead cards you’re playing. Weyland is lucky to get one Atlas token per game and most Corps have 0 ways to tutor operations.

IMO, Snatch & Grab goes in the pile of never played cards right next to Cyberdex Trial, Foxfire, and Hellion Alpha Test.

Re the stream, I’ll pop on tonight if I get a chance.


FWIW, I think it’s possible for Cyberdex Trail to be playable in the right meta. Hellion Alpha Test is just garbage.

I think the Virus Suite will be better. The capability to purge on the runner’s turn is rather huge.

Hey so @SamRS forgot to put SHL2 in the title of the streamed match, so it isn’t recorded on the offical record. Should this still count for challengeboard?

It should still count because we were casting a Stimhack league game, the name of the game was only to help coordinate everyone into the game

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I counted it as a league game, i’ll verify if you report


I finally manned up and played some league games. But damn is this nervewrecking. Join game, see opponent: “oh god I recognise him from forum”, “oh god this guy is way high in the league”, “oh, he’s not doing too well, now I actually have to win both games and pretty much anybody playing in the league is playing okay”.

It’s a great rush, but I wouldn’t want to play two matches after one another. I am not made for tournaments yet! (and much respect to the people that can just play solid for hours on end)


@Argamas @lpoulter - will The Source be legal as soon as it’s rezzed on OCTGN?


“Play any legal decks you like. For simplicity sake, if the cards are “rezzed” on OCTGN, then they are available for league play.”

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Hrmmm… Here’s lookin @ you collective.

As our assistent ( Crim, milk and two sugars please! :blush:) was saying, yes you can!

@gumOnShoe: that’s excluded…

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Oh jeez it’s right there in the OP, what an idiot

Raining on my troll parade. -_-