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Hello Netrunner Universe,

I am very excited to announce the second Official SimHack OCTGN League!!

@nordrunner and @SneakySly did a great job on the first one, so why stop a good thing? @lpoulter and @argamas are happy that we can continue the league for this great community!

  • First and foremost here, while OCTGN is a great interface, please do your homework and know how to use OCTGN prior to entering any league games. OCTGN is not entirely intuitive, but thankfully Tuism (from BGG) made an excellent easy to use OCTGN GUIDE: http://www.tuism.com/octgn-netrunner-fool-proof-guide/.

  • We will be using http://www.challengeboards.net/ as our league host. You will need to “register” for BOTH the website and for the specific league. The league is called “The Official Stimhack League - II”

  • Please make your names on OCTGN, Stimhack, and the league website as close to the same as possible to avoid confusion for your opponents!

  • The league will start 11/22/2014 and conclude 01/22/2015. (Yes we start Saturday!)

  • When you start a league game, just make sure you have “SHL2” in the title. It will deter non league players, and let other Stimhack league players you are looking for a game.

  • There will be no minimum or maximum number of games you can play. Play anytime, as much as you like. The winner will report the game, and loser will have 36 hours to “reject” the game if there is a
    discrepancy. It’s also nice if you are the loser to go ahead and “verify” the loss, this will speed along the scoring of the game.

  • You are not required to play a full match, playing only one side is ok. Although to keep in the spirit of Netrunner please mix up who you play and which side you play as much as possible.

  • Play any legal decks you like. For simplicity sake, if the cards are “rezzed” on OCTGN, then they are available for league play.

  • We use an ELO system, and will do a Top 4 end tourney after the 2 months to decide the ultimate winner.

  • If you have any troubles ingame, make screenshots of the full incident so we can see what happened (be as informative as possible). We hope we can avoid trouble, but will deal with it if needed.

Prizes:The ultimate winner will get a special forum badge signifying their victory in the league. Additionally there will be other prizes. We already got an alternate art Noise! If you wanna donate, feel free to PM us.

I think that about does it. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns here at the forums or at the challengeboards.

Laurie (@lpoulter) and Björn (@argamas)


Thanks for setting this up!

So what’s the status of the first league? Still some games waiting in limbo? It seemed like a bunch of prize support was pledged initially, was that ever sorted out?

Valid questions, but they belong in the other tread. Laurie and I were not involved in organising League I. So, we do not know.

Could something be arranged with @db0 so that we could have league-specific game stats?


We are working on that. Last time around it was planned too, but people used a wide variety of names which complicates gathering intel.

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usually [brackets] work well to designate league play

Sounds great; now that I’ve finally learned OCTGN, it’s time to play!

OCTGN has some cards not normally legal (eg, The Collective), I assume you mean that these will not be legal for the league, is that correct?

Yep, but if the new pack five or six get rezzed, you may play them

@JohnnyCreations: yes, if we all use them… Which was not the case if I understand correctly

It wasn’t the case because we didn’t communicate with @db0 before the league started. Now we have that opportunity. :slight_smile:

Missed the last one. I’m in!

I just play my games and report the results during the period of the season, yes?

Just read all of it: report each game asap, but at least within 36 hours after a play. Reporting late has consequences for your opponent and your rating and is frustrating for all involved.

I can’t imagine a circumstance where I wouldn’t just alt-tab over and fill it in. Thank you!


Joined. Let us know what to tag our OCTGN games with so db0’s posts pick it up – I can do some post-league matchup analysis if the games are tagged.


I suspect I’ll come in dead last but hey there’s only one way to get better.


Top 4? That’s harsh. Last league I almost got to top 8, this is much harder. But the challenge is awesome!
Hopefully by the end of the league Order and Chaos will be out and my win stats as Weyland will improve!

Missed the first, in for the second!

We plan on playing the top 4 in one sitting and broadcasting it with commentary. This way, everyone doesn’t have to wait around for people to finish. Getting a whole t8 to be ready to play for a few hours at the same time would have been impossible.


*signs up*


That makes a lot of sense! Thanks for explaining why this choice was made.
Now all I need is to dust off OCTGN, find out which are my least janky decks and sell my soul for some wins : D


See you guys on OCTGN!