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Official Stimhack OCTGN Skype Chat

Add me.

Skype: akalic87
OCTGN: akalic

So, I really don’t like Skype for general chat-room-esque conversation. You can’t leave a window up and idle because it doesn’t auto-scroll if there are too many unread messages. I also don’t really like Skype in general as a program. Would there be any interest in a Stimhack Slack channel instead? I’ve already got one set up… I can create another thread if people are interested.


Looks like Skype is experiencing a serious outages for users in Europe, United States and Australia

Agree that Skype isn’t really fit for this purpose/there are too many people on the Stimhack Skype chat. Would be interested to check out Slack.

My vote’s for IRC, but I’m not sure how popular that would be with other people.


I’ve been an IRC fan for ages. It’s certainly another alternative. For what it’s worth, you can connect to Slack channels with an IRC client!

I made a thread if people are interested.

Hey guys. I’m really sorry but lately I haven’t been able to keep up with the chat as much. I’ll probably go offline for a few weeks due to family issues that I can’t avoid. Is there anyone who’d like to pick up the flag? I’m not sure if there’s any way to pass the control of the group but I could upgrade some members to admin status

I say we just all move to @dodgepong’s slack channel. It has nice IRC integration and I won’t miss the 1990s-grade linux skype client one bit. No point having two channels.


Works for me. I’ll do whatever the majority tell me to do.

I mean, I will keep using Skype regardless of where the Stimhack chat exists, so I could add some new people, you don’t even need to be a mod to do that. However, that’s for the community to decide - whether they want to keep using Skype or switch to Slack. Trying to keep 2 places at the same time wouldn’t be smart.


I aint movin


You mean there’s somewhere to talk about netrunner without Dan! Stocks in slack just soared! :stuck_out_tongue:


get me in and I’ll stand my ground


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Hey, I’d like an invite!


I’d like an invite!

thejaredharkness is my name on skype.
(finally! an excuse to use Skype again!)

Hey! oc.miles

Is anyone doing invites? Still looking to get in.

May I join please?

OCTGN: hayati
Skype: Kaushalya Munro