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Official Stimhack OCTGN Skype Chat

Hey everyone,

@Andremodt has expressed concern that his local metagame has been petering out, and that he wanted a way to make OCTGN games more personal and find people to voice chat with while playing to help refine decks and discuss the metagame and what have you. Stimhack has a long tradition of secret elitist Skype chats, so I thought it would be a good idea to make one for everyone!

Basically, here’s the idea: We compile a list of Skype usernames here, and someone takes charge and adds everyone who posts to a chat room on Skype. You could then ask for OCTGN games with fellow Stimhackers, add people as friends, and use voice chat to enhance online play.

Is anyone interested in managing this group, essentially just being the person that starts the chat and adds everyone who is interested to it? Preferably someone who uses Skype a lot and also frequently checks the message boards.


do we have an official/unofficial VOIP server like a Teamspeak? I’m not that familiar with Skype since I stopped traveling.

EDIT: I know this is about Skype, so if anyone wants it mine is MDSchmitty. Let me know if you ever want to chat.

Awesome Idea. I am looking forward to this.
I’m not really comfortable posting my data here. Maybe if someone trustworthy volunteers to create a group, we could all just pm him our skype nicks?

Skype is convenient in that it allows for a lot of helpful things, including screen sharing in case you ever want to play on the same side as a friend. Also, a lot of people use it anyway for other things and are likely to be online even if they’re not necessarily looking for a Netrunner game at the time, (though they might be open to playing if they see a friend is seeking one).

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Fair enough. I didn’t consider the social network aspect. I’d probably log into Skype more if I had an awesome reason like this.

Small concern, skype is a. Not open source like mumble, and linked to be personal details some users might not be willing to share. Hyping db0 mumble server might be a better option


I’m happy. My skype username is tomdidiot.

I am mediohxcore on skype, too, btw.

I understand the concerns about personal information proliferation but I have never had any issues posting my Skype username in public. If you’re that worried, just don’t join. Is what it is. If at any point someone decides to take charge and start adding people, (I have enough on my plate), presumably you’d be able to PM that person with your username rather than posting it here, if that makes you feel better.


username: caorantj

Im down, my name is pdm926 on Skype.

I think I could do it. Since I lurk around in the threads a lot and I am pretty interested in this. I’ll add the people from this thread and create the group.
Thanks a lot for the visibilty! Dan : )


I’m definitely interested. My name on Skype is christopher.digregorio

Damn, I was just about to say that I figured out how to make a group and would like to make one, since I’ve got no life and lurk in the shadows of this forum quite often :smiley:

I’ve been having the same problem with my local group, so I’ve started playing more games online, mainly jinteki.net since finding OCTGN matches have been a problem. I always feel that the experience of playing could be improved a lot if you could just talk to the other player.

User: castanedavaldes

calimsha on skype, calimsha on octgn.
Easy, eh ? :slight_smile:

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Definitely interested as well.

User: trafalco

That sounds like myself a lot! Let’s use that time playing now!

So, I’ve created the group and added everyone that posted their name on skype here. If anyone doesn’t want to post their information here they can just send me a PM with their skype name, or they can just add me: andremodtko.

Did someone step up to run this? if not I’ll volunteer

if so, just add me in

saetzero (justin h)

just let me know if its on me, and ill get rolling <3

Skype: dr00ness
OCTGN: dr00

skype : karras.jeremie

I think it’s an awesome idea ! :smiley: