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Official Stimhack OCTGN Skype Chat

skype: shane.ruman
octgn: wiley

BabyWyrm on Skype
jdeng on OCTGN

Doom_Rat on Skype.
DoomRat on OCTGN.

pzinos on Skype.

Greek in nationality, no money and terrible English accent :stuck_out_tongue:


ItJustGotRielle - OCTGN
DonTankMeBro - Skype (Kyle G)

I want to point out that skype is really a bad choice for this as it needs a special group and someone to maintain it and add/remove people etc. Then it involves calling specific people in the group and so on…it’s just not meant to handle this kind of setup.

Ever since I started making my game definitions, I’ve been providing a mumble server which is much more suited to online gaming, with a drop-in/drop-out system and ad-hoc voicerooms with subrooms etc. Unfortunately people never really started using it, but if you are insterested, the server is still up

port: 63836

You can go to the OCTGN channel and I already have netrunner rooms setup. People can just leave mumble idling and look who else is also online.


Skype: ruben-jacobs

I like the idea of something like Mumble/Ventrilo a lot better! Generally much higher quality voice, MUCH simpler interface, and you can see who is online very easily.

I would happily pay for a Ventrilo server monthly and host for this- Netrunner is the only game I play and all my extra-curricular time is spent online in octgn or on forums.

I’m all for @db0 's idea as well- it depends on what the community prefers! Let’s take a vote!

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I know about the Mumble server and it is great, but I wanted this a place to go where (1) it was exclusively stimhackers so the quality of the games was higher, (2) you could share screen and play with more than 1 person on a side without crowding the OCTGN room, and (3) reasonably use the chat from both desktop and mobile platforms regardless of whether you’re looking for an OCTGN game. Many of us have been using Skype for a long time to play together and, in my opinion, these features outweigh the simplicity of Mumble for the purposes of building a community of friends rather than just having a place to talk once you end up in a game.

It’s just different, and there is certainly room for them to coexist. In fact, I actively encourage all of you to download Mumble and use @db0’s server instead of Skype once you find a game if for any reason Skype is being unwieldy.


What Voice Chat Program do you prefer for playing on OCTGN?

  • Skype
  • Mumble
  • Ventrilo

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Skype requires the most management but is the most accessible.

Mumble has been volunteered by @db0 but is shared with other OCTGN games.

Ventrilo would be hosted and managed by me but dedicated exclusively to Netrunner.

I don’t think a poll is 100% necessary; I use skype all the time and will keep this group going there regardless of the results. If you want to set up Ventrilo go ahead.

You make a lot of great points I hadn’t considered regarding screen share and spectating- if you’re going to do anything beyond voice chat Skype is definitely the optimal choice.

Skype name: Roflobster_nexis
OCTGN name: Four_Leaf

Skype name: casey.stump
OCTGN name: stumpy_man

Skype: crushu
OCTGN: crushu

I happen to use Skype for work so I appear online more than I am, but I’ll gladly hang out with other netrunners, even if I can’t play all the time.

skype maznaz2000
octgn maznaz

Skype: nicolo.podesta
OCTGN: koichinakano

Has someone agreed to run the chat yet? If not, I’ll do it when I finish my last exam.

@Andremodt is taking care of it

Skype: Michael.erlewine2
OCTGN: Zolend

Playing games with voice chat would be splendid. Also, I find I learn a ton screen sharing and getting a 2nd perspective on things.