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Stimhack Slack Chat Channel


Just to make this easy:

–> Request an invite here <–

(if this link is down, wait a few hours and try again)

Stimhack Slack Code of Conduct

I know a lot of Stimhackers have jumped in with the Skype chat group, and that is all well and good. However, personally, I hate Skype as a program, and as a medium for chatting as a group. You can’t effectively idle in the group chat because the channel doesn’t auto-scroll if there are too many unread messages (10-15 or so, and the group easily pushes 50 messages an hour). Skype is also notorious for its insecurity, revealing IP addresses and such.

Instead, I propose we use a Slack channel.

##What is Slack?

It’s a modern chat room system for the modern world. It works in the browser, has really nice mobile apps, lets you PM/highlight people, customize your notifications, allows for multiple chat rooms & group chats, and has very nice phone apps. And did I mention…

The Slack channel is at http://stimhack.slack.com.

But what about voice chat?

Good news! I set up a Discord server for voice chat as well! Click here to join the Discord server!

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highly recommend Slack for netrunner chat. i joined a semi-private one a while back, and the features you can set up for it are great!

we set ours up to alert us to new podcast episodes:

do custom emojis:

and we have a bot that spits out card details:

emoji reactions are also fun, and someone made this video pop up whenever anyone mentions cyberspace


I have to say, this has a lot of appeal. Skype chat has a lot of problems. I’ll sign up.


I’m in, I tether for internet and Skype is not a fan of that. PM sent.


I believe I have sent invites to everyone who has requested one so far. You can now automatically request an invite here: https://stimhackslackinvite.herokuapp.com/


Joined! It’s great! love it!


Come on guys, if we really wanted some hacker cred someone needs to set up an IRC server.


I did consider an IRC channel, and I still use IRC on a daily basis…for what it’s worth, you can connect to Slack via IRC!


Yes please!


Very cool features! I added the Stimhack.com article feed and The Winning Agenda feed, and I was planning on making the other symbol emojis eventually. The bot is pretty cool, too!

If anyone else has any suggestions for feeds or other features, let me know!


I really like how you posted this on THE SINGLE DAY that Skype has had a Worldwide Shutdown… Now I can’t chat on Skype and see the appeal of a second chat :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I understood enough computer stuff to set everything up, though >.<


Just click here and enter your email to request an invite! It’s really easy to set up, it’s basically just a chat room in a browser.


If it gets rolling ill make sure to bother you for an in. I love the chaos of the skype group though. :3


29 people in here already, no harm in getting an invite anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: 36 now.


Does Slack have a phone app? I use the Skype chat 90% of the time from the app because I’m rarely home.


Yes it does!

iPhone app

Android app

Windows Phone


Sweet! I’ll pm you my email


Hey I have some experience with the slack api pm me if you need help automating invitations!


Invite plox


Click here to request an invite