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Stimhackers on Jinteki.net?

Yeah, the easier usability definitely means you get…let’s call it a broader range of expertise. There are a few really strong players on though.

I’m Chuftbot on there as well if you ever want to get games in.

I’m on there as dr00, but I don’t play that often

I’m there ever since .net 4.5 broke my wine installation of OCTGN. However, I whipped up a VM yesterday to play OCTGN again, and it’s such a relief.
Changing your game title to something like adv or competitive helps on jinteki, but I have the feeling half of the people doesn’t care what the title says, and still bring some weird janky project Ares deck.

don’t play stimshop on jinteki.net, it’s a pain to manually remove counters credit for credit

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I am on there, also as phrydephisch, but I am afraid I am also guilty of sometimes bringing jank. I have a problem with trying to make bad ideas work. But I try to play strong decks at least half the time as well.

I like Jinteki. But I do generally play random ID’s and jank it up on there. When in Rome I guess. Right now my FOTM is Nisei Supermodernism heh. Main practice with strong ID’s is with real cards usually.


Duuuude… :wink:
(the #play subchannel, specifically)


(The #play channel was renamed to #lfg to make it more explicit)

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I’m on sporadically, as evilgaz unsurprisingly. I then get annoyed by the the large amount of idiots who don’t know how cards work or even basic rules. If you don’t know when you can rez an upgrade RTFM.
Mostly the glacier slow play frustrates me - there’s no going on for a “quick game”.

Ocassionally though you get someone really nice and efficient. Or someone else from the scene.

Coming up with a hashtag or something so we can spot useful people could well be a way forward.


I played my first game on jinteki.net a few days ago and I was very impressed with the interface. I’ve played a decent amount on OCTGN but I think I’ll be making the switch to jinteki. My only issue so far is that the board get’s cramped really fast if you play on a small monitor. Card disappear under other cards etc. I’m Simen on there as well.

Looks like a few of us have some compleints about the level of play and the type of decks being played. wouldn’t calling your games “looking for advanced/competitive” or similar cicumvent these issues? There has to be room for people new to the game and people that want to try out kooky deck ideas.

Zooming out your browser helps a bit.

I’m on there occasionally as MasterAir, and I prefer using some combination of stimhack.slack and skype to try to find opponents. It’s good for making sure you can beat jank or unconventional flavour of the month. (I’m looking at you paparazzi).

You’d think labelling games would help, wouldn’t you?

This tends to get people who are “advanced” players (sorry folks, but some really aren’t), but then don’t know how Jinteki works - which is fine we all had to learn, but quite often they seem to be blaming the interface for why they aren’t doing very well…

It takes all sorts and some people are great, but sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a challenge. A recognised group or league would be the best way forward I feel. Obviously other people will have had different experiences than mine too. I might just be a trouble magnet.

Yes, you’ll find a lot of jank decks on jinteki.net. That’s not necessarily bad if you communicate with your opponent if you want a serious game or a fun game.

[There’s already a pull request][1] to add a game type/skill level selection, but it’s not merged. If you would like something like that, feel free to add a comment there to express your support of such a feature (that could help convincing Minh to add that feature).

It sucks when you play against someone who does not know the rules, and I think this happens more on j.net because it has a lower level entry point than OCTGN; but also a lot of new players use the lobby to ask someone to teach them.

We expect the next server update this weekend with a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements.

P.S.: Don’t play with Azogar.

P.P.S.: Yes, a lot of people don’t read the game titles.

P.P.P.S: Really, don’t play with Azogar.
[1]: https://github.com/mtgred/netrunner/pull/481


I play as king_mob most lunch hours. Apologies to those of you i have already been incredibly toxic to, its the anonymity provided by the internet, it just brings out the worst side of me.

At least im not as bad as Azogar though.

I am on intermittently as jflans

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A league would be fun, but a lot of overhead. If someone set one up I’d play, but I’d settle for some kind of call sign to attract other stimhackers.


maybe just add “stimhacker” to the title of the game, its a bit clique-ey but at least it would ensure a slightly better standard of play and less toxic wankers (although im guessing @evilgaz will still be on there).

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I play as simonmoon. I’d be interested in some sort of stimhack signal. Today I said lf prepaid Kate and got davinci Kate, which was interesting but not the practice I was looking for.

Also, azogar? Deets?

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Azogar is a bit of a joke nowadays, horribly toxic player who cheats, swears, ragequits and generally acts like a child. A drunk child. No one really plays with them but their name is a running joke all the same.

He calls himself King_Mob these days.


I’m Saan there as well.