Stimhackers on

I’ve left OCTGN for and am super happy with the user interface and low overhead in terms of playing on Linux, but the player base on jnet seems worse, overall. More abrupt quits, lower skill and much more jank. I was wondering if there are a lot of Stimhackers on jnet and if so, is it feasible to fly “Looking for Stimhack” in a game name and not wait forever to find a game? That way we could find each other and maybe provide stronger opponents for testing purposes.


I’m often on there, and have the same impression of the standard as you.


I’m on most of the day as ulrichp. I think @IirionClaus plays on a bit. The quality of competition from random players is definitely quite a bit lower, but the interface actually works on my work computer (shhhh).


Yeah, I’ve seen you around on there but not played you yet, i think. The player base is just HUGE and it takes almost no time to find a game. I think I’ll just start asking for Stimhack in the game name and see what happens.

My handle is linuxmaier, as it is everywhere.

I’m on there as Click5. It’s janktastic and everyone is trying to flatline you. My Iain deck has a crazy win percentage :confused:

It’s so janky actually, I’ve felt bad about playing competitive deck, to be honest. Haven’t been on much in the last week or so

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I’ve noticed an absurd number of PE decks floating around. Maybe it better represents the European meta? (Since I think a lot of jnet’s players are European.)


I’m exclusively Jnet. Also higgs_bozo on there (although might change to HiggsBozo for gravatar reasons).


the site used to not be quite there, but it’s improved SO much recently. plus i’ve seen some really talented players there lately – usually i look for a name i recognize. is the future, and TFIN. i’m on there every now and then as ekayohlee.


I’m on there with the same handle. Not sure I qualify as a stronger opponent however :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here.

I’m on there as well, as Urkh. Mostly I play games again my cousin, Wolenber. I wouldn’t call myself a strong player either, but I’m there.

I’m on as Dogstew.

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Yeah, the easier usability definitely means you get…let’s call it a broader range of expertise. There are a few really strong players on though.

I’m Chuftbot on there as well if you ever want to get games in.

I’m on there as dr00, but I don’t play that often

I’m there ever since .net 4.5 broke my wine installation of OCTGN. However, I whipped up a VM yesterday to play OCTGN again, and it’s such a relief.
Changing your game title to something like adv or competitive helps on jinteki, but I have the feeling half of the people doesn’t care what the title says, and still bring some weird janky project Ares deck.

don’t play stimshop on, it’s a pain to manually remove counters credit for credit

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I am on there, also as phrydephisch, but I am afraid I am also guilty of sometimes bringing jank. I have a problem with trying to make bad ideas work. But I try to play strong decks at least half the time as well.

I like Jinteki. But I do generally play random ID’s and jank it up on there. When in Rome I guess. Right now my FOTM is Nisei Supermodernism heh. Main practice with strong ID’s is with real cards usually.


Duuuude… :wink:
(the #play subchannel, specifically)


(The #play channel was renamed to #lfg to make it more explicit)

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I’m on sporadically, as evilgaz unsurprisingly. I then get annoyed by the the large amount of idiots who don’t know how cards work or even basic rules. If you don’t know when you can rez an upgrade RTFM.
Mostly the glacier slow play frustrates me - there’s no going on for a “quick game”.

Ocassionally though you get someone really nice and efficient. Or someone else from the scene.

Coming up with a hashtag or something so we can spot useful people could well be a way forward.