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Instructions unclear, earplugs now unsanitary.


Solution is actually pretty simple (Firefox):


I’m convinced nothing will stop people from fast advanceing past clot windows when you have paid abilities up


@kiv, this reminded me one thing I wanted to tell you. I try to watch most of your yt content (great work btw!), and noticed that you use “no more action” button as corp not the way it is intended to be used (though I admit that the name of the button is misleading). I think the correct usage is: after the runner breaks a piece of ICE, you verify in the log if he paid what he should, then click “no more action” to let him through to the next piece.

Unfortunately currently there is no way to stop the runner from interacting with a rezzed piece of ICE, so you simply need to rez your non-ice cards fast in this case. When a piece of ICE currently being approached is unrezzed, than it is easy - just rez non-ice cards before a piece of ICE.

Clicking “no more action” too fast allows the runner to click “continue” to jump to the next piece, with a feeling “wheeeew no rez!” and then the corp rezzes and breakes his heart.

Now that I wrote all this, I came to the conclusion that this button makes little sense in the current form. Well maybe it serves some purpose - if a mistake is caught by the corp, less rollback work is needed then in a case where the runner breaks multiple ICE before he stands corrected. Right now I would name this button “No rez / ICE passed correctly”.

And a case where the runner approaches the server itself is handled already by a different button.


Having a button (perhaps bound to a key like spacebar) which would stop the opponent from taking the next click in order to let you do something would really be great. If you have nothing to do you just let the game slide, otherwise you book your priority window. In my opinion this is a better and more solid solution than some random sound/notification.


A plug for users of Stimhack Slack: yesterday I created a #jinteki_net channel there.

Stimslack has grown a lot since the beginning and sifting through #general when looking for some jinteki.net discussion is sometimes hard, especially when the discussions get very lively. So for folks having questions about card implementation/interface, wanting to contribute but not knowing where to start, wanting to discuss a possible feature for the site etc. this lower-traffic channel could be quite useful.

Come on and slack :basketball: https://stimhack.slack.com/messages/jinteki_net/


Not sure if this is the best place to suggest this, but could we get Logos to be a ‘click to trigger’ card instead of immediately triggering on score? I may want to use Gang Sign before Logos if I fear Snare! or the like. Then I’m forced to close the Logos prompt, Gang Sign and manually grab the card I want, which reveals it to my opponent.

Should we change the name of this topic to Weyland.meat?


I have been testing a PE deck for Regionals and have had this happen several times… honestly more than I can count. They either lose and no GG or just concede after a bad run and leave.

This needs to be documented, it’s the greatest thing I’ve seen on the internet in a long while.


Really, kudos to the dudes who implemented this, this is hilarity.


I also want to point out they’ve implemented a variety of sound effects!

Jackson Howard is pretty good, and I hear the Apocalypse one is worth earning.


I think the accomplishment tagging is a bit awkward. Being Xerohour, Nerdbear of the week 2 years ago is a bit awkward. Its funny, and I presume the sub tags might be optional later. But, meh.

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Can record a video playing on Weyland.meat with the sound affects?

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Oh dear god.


Can we get the ability to install unique runner cards over unique runner cards on Jinteki?

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I must have seemed like such a jerk today. I was playing a game against I don’t remember who, and I got an important phone call that meant I had to leave. So I closed out the game without saying the reason, right after he had beaten my Caprice, and was going to steal my GFI. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was playing on Jinteki, and my internet crashed, and then, because of the lag, had me join a completely different game (which I left after apologizing to that unfortunate soul), and then when I created a new game for the guy, he said that it was rude not to hit the concede button on competitive, blah blah blah, when all that happened was my internet crashed. The people on that site.

According to slaghund, only 344 games were played on OCTGN in March :astonished:

I guess everyone migrated to jinteki.net?