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Where are all the "Big" names?

yeah, I had actually already done it by the time I posted that, I just didn’t want to let an over the top reference go to waste

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I haven’t been playing the past few weeks. Don’t feel too keen on the faust/IG meta. I’ll be back to grind games when my regionals start in a few weeks but for now the meta’s in the worst place I’ve ever seen it, and Twilight Struggle just came out on steam, so…

Also, slack. But I haven’t been there either lately.


How is TS, @bblum? I haven’t played it in beta in months. CanNOT wait for the iOS version.

Man, I played over 100 games of that via an Excel spreadsheet some guy made.


Ye gods, I can’t wait for the iOS app to get here :smiley:

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I haven’t played TS online, but the board game is phenomenal. I didn’t expect Pandemic: Legacy to overtake it as the #1 boardgame on BGG.

More info on the Slack, and how to request an invite: Stimhack Slack Chat Channel

Personally, I would like to see more articles being written for Stimhack.com itself, though I know it’s a lot of work. I, myself, have a pile of blog ideas that I just haven’t written yet. It’s time-consuming, I know.


The trick is to get crappy amateur netrunner players to write strategy articles that are somehow fundamentally flawed, so that the god tier players are motivated to write rebuttal articles that effuse knowledge out of their sheer indignation that the stupidity exists.


The two-player-ness of the game has always turned me off… I haven’t tried TS yet, though, and I feel I should at some point. But if I’m playing with only one other person, I like Netrunner (obviously), Race for the Galaxy, or Through the Ages already. And those games can be expanded to more people easily.

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Well I’m here!


TS is really good. I’m kind of middling in skill at it. It’s got less variety than netrunner so I get tired of it more quickly, but it’s comparable in skill and strategy.

The steam version is really well done; mostly my complaints are minor annoyances about the interface, although I have also found a bug where junta doesn’t give milops when played during the headline phase. Anyway anyone who has it should add me (“bblum” as usual).

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Nice. As good of a game it is, it’s quite random. D6 coup attacks can be wildly swinging (if you roll a 6 on one, and I roll a 1, huge diff. If it happens multiple times, gg.)

Plus, opening hands, or hands in general, are huge. I’ve known after the first turn in numerous games whether or not the game was over.

Yeah, Slack is where all the kewl kids have been hanging out. I’ve tried it, but can’t get to grips with the constant stream of information (or noise small “n”) - the conversations has often moved on by the time I get to it. Damn new-fangled technology. Despite clearly looking 18 years old (I got totally asked for ID loads in 'merika - not intentional draws), I’m obviously not down with the kids any more.


How can I help ? :slight_smile:


oh man, I would read the shit out of some crazy Syntax articles.
“The Centurion: busting the myth of the 45 card deck (100 card maxX decklist included)”
"Reconstructing Perfection: the meta defining nature of Record Reconstructor."
etc. etc.


You know what, my last theory is “Devas are great” :slight_smile:

Just don’t read the 2c swap line, and consider them in-faction only. :wink:

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It’s an IRC chatroom.

It’s actually really oldschool, which is why I’m amused by people saying that it’s a new thing… IRC! Basically the trick is that it’s an ongoing conversation like at a party or whatever. You don’t need to read everything like the forum; just read the most recent stuff and jump in if you have an opinion or what have you. Basically you have to do that whole ‘human interaction’ thing. :slight_smile:


Junta doesn’t give MilOps because it’s a ‘free’ coup - those don’t give MilOps whenever they’re played for the event - there’s a couple others like Ortega Elected in Nicaragua etc.

As for randomness of coup rolls, make as few ‘vital’ coup rolls as possible, they’re only ‘profitable’ (on average you get as much or more influence as you would have if you had just used the card to place influence) in 1 Stability countries, otherwise they’re just good for MilOps when needed.

Anyone wants a game I’m TwoShedsJackson there - about 400 games played.

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I think it does a slightly better job than netrunner allowing you to mitigate randomness with skillful play. There are enough opportunities for players to make lots of low-stakes die rolls to offset the impact of a few high-stakes ones. Turn 1 is where variance has the biggest impact (the iran coup and indo-pakistani war mostly) but if the turn 1 is not too extreme then die rolls after that don’t seem to play too big a role.


Bomblom wanna teach me to play twilight bullshit