Where are all the "Big" names?

Where are all the “big” names of the forum?

Where are the in depth analysis by @bblum and @mediohxcore? Where are the short, not native english posts by @Calimsha that I love to read (since I am also a non native speaker).

Where are all the "world Champion, SHL league champion, champion champion champion…) tags next to the user names?


Stimhack.com used to be the place to read about strategy. It is still actually but I think that most of the easily recognisable names are either off or do not bother to reply. I understand that RL is tough (I have a toddler and work in an destroyed economy, Greece) but still, it seems to me that they are around a coffee table in U.S.A. and talk between themselves about strategy

Do not get me wrong, you have the right to do anything you like or you just do other things but believe me, something breaks inside me when I see @mediohxcore post strat at NetrunnerGeeks in FB and not here. More or less I got hooked in more high level play because of the various stuff I read here, in the forums and the articles. My first major tourney showing was based on a deck posted on an article on Stimhack.com (Taxman NBN). I do not want more MWL stuff and what can be done with it, I want the (my) stars of the game back.

/end whine rant.

P.S. the names used are just the ones that came to mind first. There are a lot more that I still miss and not see as regularly as I used to.



On slack…


Damn, time difference and work… no chance for slack…

I’m playing Dark Souls 3 and Street Fighter V. No time for puny cards games :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, the game’s as close to “figured out” as I’ve seen it since I started, so there’s not much to say, as far as the best decks are concerned. I’ve found myself posting less as well, since there’s just less to discuss right now. Maybe once they announce something else there will be more to talk about. [quote=“Calimsha, post:4, topic:7312”]
I’m playing Dark Souls 3

Also, this. ^.^

I’ve always been happy to explore ‘outlier’ ideas but yeah, I think most of the purely competitive types are pretty much very happy with where they are deck-wise and might only be making slight meta tweaks to the known strongest archetypes.

They’ve obviously gone under to prep for Worlds 2016, nay?

Sorry. I contribute on various threads here and there.

The real answer is Slack.


One of these days I should actually get on joining the slack.

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ooh, so exclusive! I assume to get an invite you need to, like, win an Over the Top style arm wrestling tournament that one of the current members is participating in? I gotta start doing some more upper body, I heard @spags was pretty jacked…

No, just a little investigative journalism on this forum. I’ll give you a hint: type ‘slack’ into the search bar


yeah, I had actually already done it by the time I posted that, I just didn’t want to let an over the top reference go to waste

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I haven’t been playing the past few weeks. Don’t feel too keen on the faust/IG meta. I’ll be back to grind games when my regionals start in a few weeks but for now the meta’s in the worst place I’ve ever seen it, and Twilight Struggle just came out on steam, so…

Also, slack. But I haven’t been there either lately.


How is TS, @bblum? I haven’t played it in beta in months. CanNOT wait for the iOS version.

Man, I played over 100 games of that via an Excel spreadsheet some guy made.


Ye gods, I can’t wait for the iOS app to get here :smiley:

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I haven’t played TS online, but the board game is phenomenal. I didn’t expect Pandemic: Legacy to overtake it as the #1 boardgame on BGG.

More info on the Slack, and how to request an invite: Stimhack Slack Chat Channel

Personally, I would like to see more articles being written for Stimhack.com itself, though I know it’s a lot of work. I, myself, have a pile of blog ideas that I just haven’t written yet. It’s time-consuming, I know.


The trick is to get crappy amateur netrunner players to write strategy articles that are somehow fundamentally flawed, so that the god tier players are motivated to write rebuttal articles that effuse knowledge out of their sheer indignation that the stupidity exists.


The two-player-ness of the game has always turned me off… I haven’t tried TS yet, though, and I feel I should at some point. But if I’m playing with only one other person, I like Netrunner (obviously), Race for the Galaxy, or Through the Ages already. And those games can be expanded to more people easily.

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