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Stimhack Slack Chat Channel

Ooo ooo pick me pick me!!

Click here to request an invite!

Hey all, I finally set up an auto-invite system, so no need to PM me emails anymore! (It’s on a free Heroku server, so if it is down when you try to go to it, just try coming back a few hours later). The link is here.

Also, I set up a Discord server in case people want a quick p lace to jump in and chat when playing a game. You can join the Discord server here.



I made a #worlds channel in the Slack that people can join to help communication and coordination, especially if you have the Slack app on your phone. Feel free to join! (To join, click the CHANNELS header on the sidebar and choose #worlds)

Once again, to join the Slack, just click here to request an invite to the channel.

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Since I’ve already got mirc open anyway what’s the server address and channel so I can connect via that please.

There is also a subterfuge channel on slack for stimhackers!!!
Join us if you want to play next time!!
We are going to start our first league tonight and it is a week long strategy and diplomat mobile game.



Nevermind, I’ve figured it out after a bit of confusion =)

Looks like Slack everywhere is down at the moment, should be back up soon.

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One can hope; but they’ve not actually given any time estimates and are just “investigating” according to twitter. My guess is that it won’t be up in the next few hours. Tomorrow… maybe.

I was just able to log back in.

My understanding (having read some random stuff online) is that it comes and goes in waves. Like, half of an office can log in and work, but the other half can’t. So its some sort of cascading effect. So, maybe some people will be able to use slack intermittently. I still get the “can’t get in” message and it just oscilates between that and trying to connect. The closer you are to california the better off you are apparently.

Bandwidth & ports are ok according to diagnostics so its either something wrong in the network (DNS issues) or its something on their servers and their application has hit some critical bug/hardware failure.

We did it, boys! T’was the plan all along!

Overload the slack servers?

Too much pizza talk I guess.

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Maybe slack was listening when I said “Winning isn’t Fun” and like an AI gone rogue pulled a Marvin.

Guy who came up with/wrote for IT Crowd actually plays ANR and can catch him on jnet


What’s his name?

Glinner , like his twitter profile. He was on a run last click ep few weeks ago.

Cool; I’ll awkwardly say hello if I ever run into him.


Seems like it’s mostly back now, people tricking back in.