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Stimhack Slack Chat Channel


Still down here… (but not on my phone)



His name is Graham Linehan (sp?) - he came to one of our casual meetups once.


Mendax saw the pizza and thought he was on slack chat


Seems to be back up. All clear?


Not the worst pizza I’ve seen in the chat, but pretty bad imo.

It’s certainly no Domino’s.


My work computer is on a old OS so I cant download the program

and my sys specs are too low to use the browser really.

Rip. in. peace.


What about a phone? If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can join on mobile.


That I dont. :frowning:

Just a shame since my next month of work is… gonna be really boring. Pool business in December. Go figure. ~_~


If you can somehow use an IRC client, I think you can also use that to connect to the chat.


that i can do - any tutorial on how to do that?


Sure: https://stimhack.slack.com/account/gateways


best thing ever. all must join


We’ve got pizza!


Hello, is it still possible to be invited to the slack chat? Thanks.


Of course, just click the link at the top of the first post.


beware, it might eat up all your spare time! (that is, time you don’t spend playing netrunner)


I’m a member of several Slack communities, and it’s honestly one of the most amazing communication systems at this point. So flexible and convenient. I joined, and look forward to learning more about the game from all of you.


Don’t think any of that will be happening. More just bad netrunner puns.


Welcome to Stimhack Slack.