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the CI deck made me realize what donut taganes is actually for. adding 1 to the cost of the 25 operations the corp is playing in the turn could slow the combo down long enough for the runner to win.

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The astrobiotics decks with a bunch of operation economy also get hit pretty hard I think. I don’t think donut taganes is a bookmark.

Apologies for making it difficult for you :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t actually need 3 AD in hand at all - you just need to Biotic Labor and Kaguya the EC after you Mirrormorph, then start your normal combo off. The entire combo would then cost 15 creds instead of 11, but skips the 3 AD requirement.

Having said that, while the combo is certainly degenerate, do you think 10 ice is going to hurt your chances? Knight into Siphons or just multi-access cards could just crush you before you are ready to go off. Vamp would completely crush this too.

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Streaming with Hollis and Mediohxcore soon. http://www.twitch.tv/stimhacked


Are you posting these to youtube? I’m only able to watch intermittently tight now.

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Yup! https://www.youtube.com/user/stimhack/videos

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Streaming a special 1v1 Netrunner cube draft with Mediohxcore soon!


Best ending ever

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Here are the locations of the lists if you want to try Cube Drafting for yourself.



The chat mindfucked me and it was totally unfair.


Streaming 1v1 Cube Draft with @mediohxcore soon. http://www.twitch.tv/stimhacked

Do you have links to your cube draft lists? I googled and couldn’t find them.



Eventually (within the next 2 weeks) I will have a section on StimHack that is a permanent spot for the latest iteration of the cube.

I’m going on my stream in a few minutes!

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goodnight world cup!

Going to get my leagues in and sling some garbage on can today while countless others fail to cram onto the hearthstone server. Check it out, ask me for a league game, whatever!

streams dead. I’m waiting on an opponent if you’re up for a game