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Official StimHack Stream

Just letting people know that I am streaming Netrunner once again, and will be joined by a rotating cast of other strong players.

My first stream was with @Orange_Devil, check it out.

To see the YouTube channel with past games go to:


Ten minutes? I’m at dinner, man! Hopefully I’ll catch you next time. :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, IN the next ten minutes, not FOR the next ten minutes. Well then!

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The video for the stream with Orange_Devil has vanished, would it be possible to upload it again or is it gone for good?

Oh really? Damn. I will see if we can get it back up. If Twitch just refuses to hold onto things anymore, I will start uploading games to YouTube shortly after we stream.

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Streaming live again momentarily!

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Awyeah. More high quality streamers!

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Live right now, streaming with @asroybal. (Like the good old times)

i seem to remember the good old times as asroybal wanting to do something suspect…sly telling him it was suspect…asroybal doing it anyways :slight_smile: missed the live stream but ill definitely check out the replay.

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I will be Streaming with @hollis today in the next 15 minutes!

Great stuff Sly. Just wanted to say thank you. Best ANR streams out there, no contest.

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I am glad you like it!

Streaming again with Orange_Devil in about 5 minutes.

Streaming with Asroybal in 5 minutes.

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I imagine you’d provide more advance notice if you could, but I don’t really check the forum after I go home at the end of the day. But if I knew you’d be streaming I’d do my best to tune in. If you could say “I’ll be streaming tonight at 7:30 PST” it would help.

Just putting it out there…

I will try to do better on that front. Right now, streaming times are kind of random sorry.

Late night live stream with asroybal starting soon!

Going on the stream with Sly around 10PM Eastern time tonight!

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Make that a little past 11PM Eastern! Got some time-zone confusion up in this bitch.

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Will be streaming with @asroybal soon! (Sorry for the late heads up)

Last minute, but streaming soon with @mediohxcore!

fucking finally

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