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[Official] Streaming Announcement Thread

@calimsha I looked again at the last turn of your game with @mendax where you were saying dirty laundry on archives would have saved you, losing all your programs. But playing the laundry would put you down to 3 cards, so @mendax could have vamped you for 3 with ichi’s trace. If you evade, there’s exactly enough money to land both punitives; if you take brain, only one needs to hit.

Just re-watched the bit I commentated on:

  1. I need to turn my mic volume up, was coming through borderline silent
  2. To the guy asking about the reina deck, architect, blue sun, IT department and reversed accounts are all really good against it, so I kinda moved on to different decks. I think the shell will be fine again come O&C.
  3. Kate sux

bblum - I haven’t rewatched it and can’t remember it now, but that seems reasonable.

Also, I massively need a new Kate build, because my NEH matchup is just not there right now.

thanks for the stream and casting guys, it was great fun.

Nice stream! Thanks!

Got details for this Thursday’s 100 follower extravaganza! Decided to give it it’s own thread so folks can post deckslists and what not. Check it out!

I realized I just do not have the capacity to talk effortlessly during my streaming. Would anyone be interested in spectating my games and skyping during streaming to have more incentive to talk?

I’d be happy to. message me your skype info

dbzer0, but FYI I’m on EU timezone.

If time zones are a problem for moistloaf, I’d also be happy to (I’m in the UK, so it should be fine for me).

I’d be willing to do commentary when I’m available.

If you’re just looking for people to chat over your vids it can easily be a rotating schedule of peeps.

I’m interested, skype id is:


Cool. Thanks guys. Those interested feel free to gimme your skype usernames. I may try to make a skype group and just ask there who’s available.

htphinney here

i think


I’ve no idea, but I think I might still have you on skype from when you taught me how to use OCTGN a long, long time ago.


yo your channel is in subscriber chat only so no one can talk , seems like a bug

Gonna start streaming in a few mins. Will be testing various IT department builds as corp and either calimsha kate or parasite gabe as runner.


Gonna be doing a quick stream while getting some practice in. Stop by and say hells-o!