[Official] Streaming Announcement Thread

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This thread is for all posts about Netrunner streams going live. Whenever you are about to stream, post it here.

Stream List


Going to be doing some testing this afternoon of a new Noise/Duggar’s build. Stop by and say hello!

I think it would be nice if instead of the “Scorcho streaming thread” we just had a thread for anyone to be like “hey, I’m streaming”. That way we have one thread instead of 5+


Unfortunately, I’m not that forward-thinking.

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@scorcho - If you want to edit your original post at the top to reflect the change of this thread to a general ‘Post here if you are streaming’ that’d be great.

Going live in a few minutes for a little bit. Doing some more Noise/Duggar’s testing.

Gonna be doing some streaming this afternoon. Stop in and say hi!

Gonna try streaming on Twitch. Stop by if you want.

Woops, never linked the channel. Twitch

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Just wrapped up a four freaking hour stream. Posted some highlights of games against various people.

vs ulkrond
vs spawnmoreoverlords
vs neverone

Gonna be doing some streaming for a couple hours tonight. Stop in and say hello!

Finished up some games with a couple different players. You guys are welcome to check out the archives. Don’t forget to give me a follow if you like the stream so you’ll be notified when it goes live!

vs g_man
vs oldschoolfanboy

streaming now come hang out

Doing some streaming for a bit. Say hello.

Gonna be doing some streaming this afternoon testing out a new deck. Stop by and say hello!

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I might hop on later tonight, if you’re still on maybe we can play. also have some testing to do!

I’m probably gonna be out the rest of the night, but I’d love to do a dual-stream sometime or something. It’d be fun.

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Got some highlights up from today’s session. Feel free to check them out!

vs rodigee
vs gforster
vs jaredsaltz

I streamed a game with jaredsaltz last night haha, cool player

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about to stream as soon as I get an opponent, testing various versions of Supplier/Blackmail, come hang!

Hey Hey! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for some netrunner streaming! Tonight I’ll be testing out a slightly modified variation of @moistloaf’s “Dirt” Blackmail deck, as well as continuing to monkey with my Mushin Tricks deck “The Gambler”! I’ll also be discussing the new spoilers, and talking about the new rotation policy, so stop by if you want to see some OCTGN play and talk some Netrunner!