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[Official] Streaming Announcement Thread

played some killer games tonight against the awesome @karmaportrait and @bblum. I play BS Glacier and PrePaid Ken. karmaportrait’s video should have both our bantering, and the second bblum video has my microphone.

edit: jesus christ, didn’t realize that PP Ken vs ETF game took an hour.

I really want that HBFA deck to be good… but every time it seems to lose on the very last turn. Much less robust econ than NBN’s.

Gonna start streaming some games right now. I’ve never done this before so you get to come laugh at me while I figure it out, or crush me while I try to talk and play at the same time.

Will mostly be playing mushin-grid combo and DOG DECK!!!.


guy on Team Covenant was playing Dog Deck today. I really wanna give it a spin. I’m super tired or else I’d hop in the stream. hope all goes well!

Gonna be doing some streaming tonight folks! In honor of our very own @mediohxcore I will be playing with his World Championship winning decks this evening! Stop by and say hello! Things will get started at 7:00PM EST

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Going live now!

Stoppin in!

Not satisfied with the half a game I got in yesterday before OCTGN’s planned downtime that I should have known about, I’m gonna start again in just a few minutes. Same deal as last time.

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Still streaming, about to try a game with DOG DECK!!!.


Streaming now, me and @karmaportrait gonna play for awhile. pop in, mix of jank and serious decks we are trying to improve with

testing streaming for the first time. I think the audio is going to blow:

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aw man, I was out at the shop, but I’ll follow you and look forward to next time. glad to see more and more ANR streamers; can’t wait til the day when there is always at least 1 person to watch!

Ok, I’m streaming for a bit late tonight.

me and @chrism6794 throwing down some games now. So far Gabe v. PE and NEXT v. CT Vamp
who knows what else we will play!

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Haha what a PE match. I gotta say you were completely in @mediohxcore’s head this game.

He’s on private chat telling me to run a specific remote at 27:26, I said it was a trap, and then it turns out to be Psychic Field. Ok, fine. Then after I didn’t trash it, the next turn he told me to run that same remote AGAIN. And then a couple turns later he told me A THIRD TIME to run on it. Bad Dan! Bad!

At the end he told me to run the double advanced card and confidently said I would win, and then it was the double Junebug. Quoth Dan: “Hahahahahaha”.

Overall I drew a bit too much expecting the game to end earlier. The 2nd Datasucker was very wrong but I did get a new personal best for number of virus tokens accumulated so that’s cool.

With tighter play I could have had an extra three cards in grip by the end which is all I needed to dive into R&D among the Snares and find the last points.

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Going to fire up the old streamerino in a few minutes, so swing by and see how high we can get the misplay counter this time!

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Going to be turning on the stream in about 15 minutes, it’s been a while and would love to see you all there!!

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Going live, @d1en 's stream inspired me to try TeeBoard. hang out and let me know how the new layout is. :smile:

moistloaf Twitch

Part of me wonders if it would be better if all of the streamers streamed on one Twitch channel. Would consolidate the views and make one channel look better, maybe bringing in some ad money eventually. Just a thought.

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There’s a Team feature or something on Twitch. It would be really cool to get a Stimhack team for streaming ANR. Streamers could sign up for different weekly timeslots. That would probably really help grow the game and the forum, as well as get everyone more followers :smile: