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[Official] Streaming Announcement Thread



ok, streaming at 8 on Monday


Come join @Moxwall, @Narbalicious, and myself on the 3rd episode of Bad Players Talking About Bad Cardboard (tentative title) as we do a retrospective on the third pack of the genesis cycle, Cyber Exodus.


Streamin for an hour or two.


Want to see a deck using only the bottom suggestion on NRDB? Want to see noobs on Jineki.net get wrecked by 200+ card decks? Want to see @Moxwall pilot a Titan advancable ice deck to success? Streaming right now!!


Streaming the Stimhack cube draft RIGHT NOW!!


ok, streaming today & tomorrow at 2pm EST


Streaming for a while today. Link is here. Click right here you crazy guy or gal.


Streaming for an hour right now. NMW woo!


A quick reminder that the DArk Sphere, London, U.K. 78 person monster store championship is being live streamed.

We’re currently in the middle of round 2.

Some eminent participants include two world’s top 16 players, 3 national champions, including the most handsome man in Netrunner, @vinegarymink





I am streaming


Streaming tonight. Starts by 8:30pm eastern for sure. Maybe earlier. Follow channel to a email when I fire it up.

Here, have a stream link rather than an embed :wink:

Blue Sun Bootcamp Glacier, and Chameleon Kate.

Both decks are MWL compliant.

Cya then.


We’re streaming a GNK with MWL rules! It’s just a casual stream, so no commentary, and hopefully wifi holds up. Swing on by and check it out!


Come watch @Moxwall and I build a janky Ian deck! That may turn into a Adam deck! And we might actually win with it.


Streaming in a few mins. http://twitch.tv/kata124


@mediohxcore and I are live now at: http://www.twitch.tv/stimhacked/


@Moxwall and I are steaming again. This time we are drafting the Stimhack Cube. Come make fun of us for our horrible picks!



like after withdrawl. #Shamerunner


streaming! www.twitch.tv/d1en