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[Official] Streaming Announcement Thread


Link to reddit there. Pitch me deck ideas here.

TL:DR Version

Streaming Weds 4/20 at 8pm eastern.

If you go on Reddit and pitch me deck ideas, I might play them. Whatever seems interesting I’ll play for the night. Or I’ll just build something more casual and fun and play that instead.

Link above to pitch ideas. Keep it all in one place.

Link to my stream. Watch here!


Netrunner Regional Madison, WI - I’m Board Games


Streaming the Huntsville Regional! Low-key stream today, running over 4G, but should still be sweet: http://twitch.tv/dodgepong


Why you no archive?!


how’d things go in Huntsville?


Posted here: Worldwide Regional Results


Pittsburgh Regionals

Starts at Noon EST.


I am streaming


@Halarith will be streaming the shl finals between @RonZacapa @Apo @rojazu @Matuszczak today at 3 PM Eastern (6 1/2 hours from now).

Everyone should watch this all European final!


https://www.twitch.tv/halarith is where I’m streaming the SHL finals.

I’m going to be starting the stream in around 20 minutes to make sure everything looks decent enough.


didnt see live, but i hope it turned out well! lots of good names there :3


Any plans to put VOD on YouTube?


Tomorrow 11:00 CEST we will be streaming the ANRPC:Nordics finals event:


Gonna try to build a deck tonight and test it on Jinteki. Tune in at twitch.tv/tmoiynmwg!


Stream going up in about 15m (7p EST). Going to play some Hot Tub Time Machine, maybe try Timmy’s Siphon Whiz. Battling archnemesis josho so bring your trash talk to the chat!


Southern California regional stream! 56 players, 5 rounds and a cut to top 8, and I’ll be commentating the stream all day. Check it out at http://www.twitch.tv/Frontiergamingchannel


The Tacoma, WA regionals top 8 is streaming here: https://www.twitch.tv/etxlive

Featuring an Exile deck, y’all.


PeachHack is live with the Atlanta Regionals!


Quality Time with Pete and Josh tonight at 8pm EST! Our first stream, deck discussion and jnet games.


Going live at 11pm EST, 1.25 hours from now.

Deck discussion and some jnet games.