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I’ll be curious to see the full stats and all from the tournament when (if) they get posted, because from the information we have at this point, it appears that restricting one card actually led to less diversity across the field of players. More deck diversity is certainly what the organizers were attempting to achieve through this move, but I would have to say they failed from the stats currently available to us.

I find a meta where NBN is nonexistent be bad and boring.

Good players are good because they can adjust and make valid decisions no matter what deck archetypes are prevalent in the meta.

Being concerned at the restriction of a card in a tournament does not make someone elitist, for most of us it’s simply further concern for the balance and meta of the game from a perspective other than your own.


I’m also interested in full stats, because my impression so far is that while Corp diversity suffered, Runner diversity increased.


From a theorycrafting perspective this seems likely. Runner meta has been pretty good for a while but the prevalence of NEH has made it rough to play anarchs, but if NEH is gone then Noise is likely to be in a very strong position.

My understanding is that Stealth Andy and Noise Cache decks dominated the field. Kyle’s write-up is the most detailed available at this point, he piloted Noise and played against 3 Andys and 3 Noises in Swiss. Three (maybe four?) of the top five at the end of Swiss were Stealth Andy decks.

this is exactly my point. one card dont make whole faction unplayable.

you should view this restriction as an interesting twist and challenge, not reason to whine and say it’s bad to make such tournaments.

I didn’t face a single Noise and faced against just one Stealth Andy (four made the cut to top 8) for the day. I believe there were only 3-4 NBNs at the tournament.

Here’s what the top 8 looked like:

Stealth Andy, Clone Chip Quetzal, Stimshop CT, Stimshop CT, Stealth Andy, Stealth Andy, Entropy Noise, and my Medium Scrubber Andy

HB FA, Tennin, traditional RP, Next Design, traditional RP, HB FA, Keystone Blue Sun, and my weird RP

The three write-ups I’ve seen: my corp write-up, Kyle’s write-up, and Corwin’s 1st place write-up.


Thanks Eric, I appreciate the write-ups and identity rundown!

Quite to the contrary, I enjoy tournaments with interesting twists and challenges, I find them immensely entertaining. I traditionally organize a couple theme weeks during each season of league play here that revolve around such twists and challenges. The part I take issue with is that this was done in the name of promoting a healthier and more balanced meta - and from what I can tell, it did quite the opposite.

I played and went 4-1 with a TWIY Grail Never Advance deck at my last Store Championship… the deck (moreover, the entire concept of the Never Advance archetype) simply does not work with only four 3/2 agendas in the deck. Had the ChiLo Grudge AstroScript restriction been imposed at my Store Championship, my “creative and fresh” NBN deck would have been shelved for something else.

Anyway, if you’d like to continue the discussion, please move it over to this topic, we’re well outside the realm of tournament winning decklists at this point:


Hey, it’s an actual winning decklist post! :wink:

GNK - Huzzah Hobbies
Jan 27, 2015 (cards up to The Source legal)
14 players, 3 rounds of Swiss
1st place: GMan

Can’t say much about the tournament since there were only three rounds. NEH Grail isn’t as reliable as Astrobiotics but it is a lot more fun.

Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center (Upstalk)

Agenda (11)
3x AstroScript Pilot Program (Core Set)
2x Breaking News (Core Set)
3x NAPD Contract (Double Time)
3x Project Beale (Future Proof)

Asset (10)
3x Daily Business Show (All That Remains)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves)
1x Marked Accounts (Cyber Exodus)
3x PAD Campaign (Core Set)

Upgrade (3)
3x SanSan City Grid (Core Set)

Operation (8)
1x Biotic Labor (Core Set) ••••
1x Fast Track (Honor and Profit)
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
3x Sweeps Week (True Colors)

Barrier (5)
3x Galahad (Upstalk) •••
2x Wraparound (Fear and Loathing)

Code Gate (7)
3x Merlin (All That Remains) •••
3x Pop-up Window (Cyber Exodus)
1x Quandary (Double Time)

Sentry (5)
2x Architect (Up and Over) ••••
3x Lancelot (First Contact) •••

17 influence spent (max 17)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to All That Remains

Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie (Humanity’s Shadow)

Event (16)
3x Account Siphon (Core Set)
2x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)
2x Emergency Shutdown (Cyber Exodus)
1x Express Delivery (Honor and Profit)
1x Inside Job (Core Set)
2x Legwork (Honor and Profit)
2x Special Order (Core Set)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)

Hardware (8)
3x Desperado (Core Set)
1x Feedback Filter (Creation and Control) •
1x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)
1x R&D Interface (Future Proof) ••
2x Silencer (Double Time)

Resource (10)
1x Crash Space (Core Set)
2x Ghost Runner (The Spaces Between)
3x John Masanori (Opening Moves)
1x Kati Jones (Humanity’s Shadow)
3x Security Testing (Honor and Profit)

Icebreaker (8)
2x Corroder (Core Set) ••••
2x Faerie (Future Proof)
1x Passport (Honor and Profit)
1x Refractor (First Contact) ••
2x Switchblade (Up and Over)

Program (3)
3x Cloak (Creation and Control) ••••• •

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Up and Over


I like the lil crash space-masanori combo!

I don’t love the 2x of Special Order and Silencer, I feel that this deck really needs to have the breakers it needs when it needs them, with a lack of Inside Jobs and general “slower” setup time, plus Switchblade really needs 2 Stealth credits to operate. Cutting ES to 1 or else the 1-of Kati, and maybe the ED, for 3rd of each could smooth out any issues digging.

You could think of Express Delivery as the third Special Order. Pretty reasonable in a deck with lots of powerful 1 ofs and situations where you’ve got the breaker but need more stealth credits.

Not to mention he’s got twice as many breakers as the last Stealth Andy list.

Hey, my first tournament win- a last hurrah for some decks I’ve been tuning for the last six months or so, before O&C shakes up the meta.

Store Championship - Snakes and Lattes, Toronto
January 29th (Everything up to The Source legall)
32 players, 5 rounds, no cut

Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: Digital Tinker (Core Set)

Event (9)
2x Diesel (Core Set)
2x The Maker’s Eye (Core Set)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)
2x Legwork (Honor and Profit) ••••

Hardware (9)
1x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)
3x R&D Interface (Future Proof)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control)
2x Astrolabe (Up and Over)

Resource (12)
2x Bank Job (Core Set) ••••
3x Aesop’s Pawnshop (Core Set)
3x Professional Contacts (Creation and Control)
3x Daily Casts (Creation and Control)
1x Utopia Shard (All That Remains) •

Icebreaker (8)
1x Mimic (Core Set) •
1x ZU.13 Key Master (What Lies Ahead)
1x Deus X (A Study in Static)
1x Atman (Creation and Control)
1x Cyber-Cypher (Creation and Control)
1x Sharpshooter (True Colors)
2x Cerberus “Lady” H1 (All That Remains)

Program (7)
1x Parasite (Core Set) ••
3x Self-modifying Code (Creation and Control)
3x Cache (The Spaces Between) •••

Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within (Honor and Profit)

Agenda (9)
3x Nisei MK II (Core Set)
3x NAPD Contract (Double Time)
1x Philotic Entanglement (Honor and Profit)
2x The Future Perfect (Honor and Profit)

Asset (5)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) •••
2x Daily Business Show (All That Remains) ••

Upgrade (3)
3x Caprice Nisei (Double Time)

Operation (13)
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
2x Trick of Light (Trace Amount)
1x Successful Demonstration (Creation and Control) •
3x Celebrity Gift (Opening Moves)
1x Interns (Mala Tempora)
3x Medical Research Fundraiser (Honor and Profit)

Barrier (5)
2x Ice Wall (Core Set) ••
3x Eli 1.0 (Future Proof) •••

Code Gate (6)
2x Tollbooth (Core Set) ••••
2x Yagura (Fear and Loathing)
2x Lotus Field (Upstalk)

Sentry (8)
3x Tsurugi (True Colors)
2x Komainu (Honor and Profit)
3x Pup (Honor and Profit)


He’s predicting the future!

Posted 12:56 AM January 30th

Or fastest 5 rounds in history!

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<- Deck lists for Iain Reid, Dark Sphere, London Store Championships, 25th of January (not the 26th, the guy who made the pretty graphic for it was tired)
62 players, 6 rounds, Top 8 cut

Cards legal up to The Source


Priority Atlas

Agenda. 3/2.

Place 1 agenda counter on Priority Atlas for each advancement token above 3. Hosted Agenda Counter: Rez a piece of ice.



Lol, I made the mistake of just checking my computer’s date, and it was after midnight. As you probably guessed, the tournament was the 29th.

Haha yeah I figured! Congrats on the win, I just have a question though why Tennin over plain old RP it doesn’t seem like you are trying to use its ability that much. I understand you can use a never advance strategy but do you think it was worth it over the click compression?

Wow 2 biotic labors in supermodernism. Love it. Take heed; this is how posted bounty should be played.


Well, I’ve been playing this deck since Honour and Profit came out, so part of the decision is just familiarity. But I do gain some interesting advantages. I can sometimes force people to run a fairly taxing server just to see a a Jackson Howard, since it could be a Neisei Mk II that I can score if they don’t run. I can also score a future perfect from 0 advancement counters in one turn, by combining my identity ability with a single trick of light. Finally, sometimes I can just double trick of light out a Neise Mk II or score the philotic entanglement from hand with a trick of light, which can help close out games.

There are some significant costs. The biggest one is not having access to the drip economy like Sundew, so I end up having to play medical research breakthrough, which is not a great card, but is essential for allowing me to rez ice early. Still ,this gives my deck the ability to rush out agendas if the opportunity presents itself, which is harder in RP since you have less burst economy.

He finished the last game off with a double Biotic 5 advance PriReq from 4 points, which was… an odd end to the tournament…