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[Official] Trading Thread


Here we go again! :slight_smile:

Looking for:
Blackguard Playmat (Nationals 2013)

x1 AA Datasucker
x1 AA Corporate Troubleshooter

Willing to trade TONS of the following for either of my wants:
(I am known to make lucrative deals, so just ask me)
Also selling!

Belgian Nationals 2015 Bag
Nationals 2015 Playmat (Greek, Dutch, Belgian)

AA Ken Tenma 25$
AA Noise 25$
AA Reina Roja 12$
AA Chaos Theory 8$
AA Jackson Howard 7$
AA Femme Fatale


Looking for

lotus field alt art x1
beale playmat

i have

datasucker x2
leela playmat
maxx playmat
RP wooden alt art
Neh Plastic alt art (the thick white one)
click trackers
credits tokens (the lastest version of them) x3
ken alt art x1
jackson promo x5

thousands of other shits but more common


looking for:
Day Job playmat
Same Old Thing alt art x2

I have
Jackson Howard alt art x3
Leela playmat (2016 SC)
Scorched Earth x3
Chaos Theory ID alt art
Political Operative alt art x3


Looking to sell some promos
1X AA Reina Roja $15
2X AA chaos theory $8 each
AA Building a better world $15
Wotan 2014 Store championship Playmate $15

Message me if there is any interest


Reporting succesfull trade with @tzukimi


Looking for: (willing to buy as well)

  • Anything that i don’t have…(Please note that i am not looking for cards in other language than english)
  • Below are my trade items only, i have a very complete collection that is up to date minus the items i’m looking for
  • I am not looking for fan made stuff so if you have something that has been officially published by FFG that you think i don’t have, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
  • Of course i am interested in UNIQUE FFG released items like the annual World ch. mat or Faction click trackers (2015 World’s & …) but i realistically do not list them

2016 Regionals

  • Jesminder / Palana plastic ID

2015 World championship:

& draft cards format

  • Eli x2
  • Quality time
  • San San city grid
  • The toolbox

For trade: (all in english)

Alternate art cards

  • Jackson Howard alt. art x2

  • Corroder

  • NAPD alt. art x2

  • Femme Fatale

  • Chaos Theory x3

  • Corporate Troubleshooter x2

  • Kati Jones x12

  • Datasucker

  • Gabe x2

  • Crypsis

  • Scorched earth x3

  • Melange mining corp x5

  • Political operative x7

  • Ice Wall x17

  • Swordsman x3

  • Pop up window x15

  • Plascrete carapace x6

  • Aesop’s Pawnshop x2

  • Wylside alt. art x3

  • Adonis campaign x51


  • Store ch. playmat (Leela)
  • Store ch. deck box (Leela) x2


  • Anarch deck box (Edward Kim) x3
  • Summer kit HB box x5
  • Summer kit promotional poster x3
  • Spring kit playmat (Silhouette) x2
  • Spring kit Silhouette box x4
  • Spring kit promotional poster
  • Regional bye card (blank)
  • Store championship TO playmat (Kit - textless)
  • Store championship playmat (Kit)
  • Store championship Kit Rielle box x4


  • World ch. playmat (Twins)
  • Winter kit Weyland box x4
  • [i]Nationals playmat (Tori Hanzo) -Poland[/i]
  • Summer kit playmat (Deep Red)
  • NbN box
  • Chronos protocol playmat
  • Chronos protocol voting card x2
  • Playmat 2014 season 1 (Silouette Vs. Jinteki HQ)
  • Season 1 deck box (Gabe)
  • Store championship TO playmat (Wotan - textless)
  • Store championship playmat (Wotan) x2
  • Store championship plaque (Wotan)


  • [i]Blackguard playmat (Gencon top 16 National)[/i]
  • Playmat season 3 (Project vitruvius) x3
  • Season 3 promotional poster x4
  • Plugged-in tour playmat
  • Plugged-in tour messenger bag x2
  • Regional playmat (Project Beale)
  • Acrylic click trackers (from regional / no logo ID) x2
  • Crypsis box
  • Acrylic credit tokens set (light orange)
  • Acrylic credit tokens set (dark orange) x2


  • Acrylic click counters set with core ID logo
  • Card dividers set (VG/NM)


  • Netrunner organized play document folder (Masque art) x11
  • Cyberwar draft starter (sill sealed)
  • Anything from my Trade list
  • I also have some Call of Cthulhu - LCG stuff to trade… just ask!


Reporting successful trade with mcxvzi!



2x Corp Troubleshooter Alt Art (English)
2x Corroder Alt Art (English)
2x Jinteki PE Alt Art (English)
2x Chaos Theory Alt Art (English)
1x Plascrete Carapace Alt Art (English)
1x Australian Nationals 2015 mat
1x 2015 Regionals mat
1x 2015 store champs mat
1x Day Job mat
1x Deep Red Mat
1x 2015 Spring Champ (Silhouette) mat

Want (in English):
1x Leela Alt Art
1x Jackson Howard Alt Art
2x Pro Con Alt Art
3x NAPD Contract
Acrylic Core IDs

If after a mat, note that I would ask at least half the shipping cost of the mat. Those things cost silly amounts to ship


Hello everyone!

I would like to sell some stuff.

1 Alternate art Swordsman - this can be a gift if you buy the ID or Jackson
1 Alternate art Weyland Consortium: Building a better world 15$
1 Alternate art Jackson howard 10$
1 2016 Store championship Leela Patel criminal deckbox 6$
If you buy them all the price is 30$.


I’m from Hungary so shipping can modify the prices in case of cards it will be about +4$ to US, in case of the deckbox itt will cost a bit much more. To US the estimated delivery time is about 2 weeks.
To EU the shipping is faster.

If you are interested in one of my cards, please contact me here: parduckoponya@gmail.com


Hi guys,

One of my friend would like to sell his cards as well.

Corporate Troubleshooter 25 USD
Chaos Theory 3 USD
Ken Express Tenma 25 USD
Wyldside 3 USD


You can contact him at sotetmessias@gmail.com


I currently have the following for trade:

1x Making News
1x Reina Roja
1x Chaos Theory
3x Noise
3x Ken Tenma
2x Adonis Campaign
9x Jackson Howard
1x NAPD Contract

Plus lots of mats.

Also have Pop Up Window, Ice Wall, Plascrete Carapace, Swordsman etc

If anyone is after anything please let me know.

I’m after:
3x Eli 1.0
2x Private Security Force
2x Crypsis
1x Corporate Troubleshooter

However I am also after stuff for friends, so if you have stuff to trade let me know


Shipping to all of NA, willing to discuss shipping to other countries as well, but I’ve never done it before and sending high-value cards across the ocean makes me nervous.

Currently Have:

1x Eli 1.0
2x Lotus Field
1x Gabriel Santiago



Really starting to burn out on Netrunner. Not wanting to sell my collection, but I figure getting rid of my higher value alt arts to help fund a little in to a new hobby can’t hurt!


HelloI need to sell my promostuff from Netrunner. These is what i have plus various deckboxes if someone is looking for them please priv:
Reina 15 us
Chaos theory 8 us
Nbn mn 50 us
Noise polish 30 us
Datasucker polish 40 us
3x Katie jones polish 10 us/25 per set
Corroder 25 us
3x Femme fatale 20 us per one
Weyland babw 10 us
Leela Pattel 25 us
3x Political Operative
3x Popup window 8 us per set
3x Plascrete carapace 8 us per set
3x Aesop pawnshop 8 us per set
3x Wyldslide 8 us per set
3x Icewall 8 us per set
3x Swordsman 8 us per set
3x Adonis campaing 8 us per set
Regionals credits 30 us
Game night kits credits 20 us
Acrylic Virus tokens 50 us
Postage 5 us


Complete Netrunner collection including 3 core sets, all deluxe boxes and all data packs up to Democracy and Dogma.


Edward Kim Humanity’s Hammer/ Gagarin Deep Space plastic ID

55 € free of shipping


Reporting a successful trade with Firesa. Item came fast and in perfect condition, would certainly trade again with this user.


Hi guys,

have the following to offer, preferably to $$$:

Ken Tenma (english)
Chaos Theory (german)
Pop-Up Window (german)
Pop-Up Window (english)
Playset Jackson Howard (english)
Noise (english)

Playset Wyldside Leela Playmat

I am also looking for Corroder / Gordian / Femme, so if you have some spare of those, hit me up.



Reporting a succesful trade with @Wosho, he has my highest recommendations


1 x AA HB: Engineering the Future 30$
12 x AA Wyldside 5$ per playset of 3

Money or promos, just message me


Plastic ID Jasminder Sareen / Palana

Alt-art Kate
Alt-art Lotus Field
Alt-art NAPD
Alt-art Eli 1.0
Alt-art Professional Contacts