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[Official] Trading Thread

SneakySly Mod Edit

Official Trading Thread Here

Post things you are looking for or looking to trade.

Use the following formatting:


  • Card A
  • Card B


  • Card C
  • Card D
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This thread is a good idea :smile:

I have a few AA corp troubleshooters (german), a chronos protocol voting card (german) and an AA noise (german) to offer.

Looking for (english or german): Kati Jones, Scorched Earth, Eli, Click Trackers

This thread makes me think I shouldnt have given plastic Andy/CI, pawn playmat and virus tokens to friends :wink:

updated version in a later post.


Items I have for trade:

Regionals 2013
1x Project Beale Playmat

Chronos Protocol
1x Chronos Playmat
1x Chronos Messenger Bag

Regionals 2014
1x Andromeda/CI Regional 2014 promo
2x Regional 2014 Pawn Playmat
4x Promo Corporate Troubleshooter

Nationals 2014
2x Promo Noise
1x Finnish Nationals 2014 Tori Hanzo Playmat
1x Finnish Nationals 2014 Tori Hanzo Backpack

Promo Eli 1.0

Hello there! If you are interested here is my list:

playsets of Adonis
playsets of Scorched Earth
playsets of Wyldside
1x Melange Mining Corp
Alt Art Making News
HB Engineering the future

Jinteki PE
Playset of Aesop’s Workshop
Corporate Troubleshooter
In this order

less likely to find but I am also looking for these:
Private Security Force

I also have Vitruvius, Beale, Wotan Pawn playmats so feel free to propose trades.

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I have a full playset of Eli 1.0 signed by Lukas Litzinger. I’m willing to part with them on a good offer.


Let’s give it a try!

I am having

Chronos Protocol Voting Card EU

Silthouette Playmat

Noise x2 (Polish name Jazgot, cool isn’t it?)

looking for:


Hi Greekgeek!

I have 1x Jinteki PE and 3x Aesop’s Workshop available for trade.

I would trade for 1x Melange Mining Corp and 1x Alt Art Making News.

I don’t know how good it is to ship to Canada from Germany, but…

I have 1x Jinteki PE alt art (English) available for trade.

I am willing to trade for 1x Noise alt art (French).

(I made another offer for a Jinteki PE in this thread as well… as it so happens I have three of them. I’ve been going to a lot of GNKs this summer… :slight_smile: )

1x 2013 Season 3 champion playmat (Project Vitruvius)
1x 2014 Season 1 champion playmat (Silhouette)
1x Set of Regionals Virus counters
3x AA Kati Jones
Xx AA Adonis Campaign
Xx AA Wyldside
2x AA HB: EtF
1x 2014 Store Championship Plaque (just in case someone wants one)

3x AA Eli 1.0
1x AA Crypsis

I’d like to say here that greekgeek and I had a successful trade. Thanks man! (Also bumping this thread to see if anymore people want to get in on some sweet sweet trades.)

And excellent behavior too! (I hope from both parts!) Thanks a lot!

BTW if anyone wants an English Noise alt art, fell free to contact me, since I have one for trade.

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Ilza and me had a successful trade too.

Reporting a successful trade between @hauptmann_jawohl and myself. Also, bump.

2x Eli
1x Private Security Force
1x Crypsis
2x Datasuckers
1x Noise
1x NBN Making News
1x HB EtF
xx Adonis Campaign
3x Aesops
6x Scorched

1x Chronos Protocol Playmat

Plastic IDs
Acrylic IDs
Kate alt art


  • 3x plastic Andy/CI
  • 1x french alt-Noise
  • 5x alt-NBN Making news (3 in english, 2 in french)
  • 9x corporate troubleshooters (6 in english, 3 in french)
  • a lot of Katie Jones (french and english)
  • 3 pawn playmat (2 in english, 1 in french)
  • 3 chronos protocol playmat
  • 2 Wotan playmat



bump. I’m at worlds and still have a lot of promo for trade/sell.

I am looking for someone who wants to trade an Alt Gabe for an Alt Making News.

u give away Gabe? if so, im interested.

Necro because I’m selling some rare worlds stuff if anyone’s interested:

t4 Backpack:

t8 Playmat: