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[Official] Trading Thread

Reporting a possibly unsuccessful trade with fjinaind23. I sent him a card at the end of October, and have yet to receive mine. The last time I heard from him was 19 days ago - saying that he hadn’t received his card yet either when I checked up on the delivery. I sent him another message a week ago to see if anything’s changed, but no reply yet. (So I’ll assume no change.)

The delay is probably legitimate, I’m not accusing him of any foul play - (ie. postal services/customs/distance (Singapore-Canada) are possible issues) - but even if the package arrived today, it taking a month and a half to deliver is pretty lame. I’ve ordered stuff direct from China before using only the free delivery options, and those packages would usually take about a little over a month to deliver, so this is pretty slow for paid postage.

I advise against trading with him due to the excessive shipping delay, unless maybe you have tonnes of patience and/or live much closer. I’ve closed the deal and shipped/received 3 other trades with other places outside of North America since he contacted me to start this trade here.

I will update this post if/when the card he sent arrives in the mail.

Edit: months later, and no card/no comms. The guy is crooked. DO NOT TRADE WITH HIM. I can post real names/addresses if requested, in case he spawns a new account.


any alt art gabes for trade anyone? got some swag, priv pls.

I’ve still got the top 8 worlds virus tokens if anyone wants to trade for them, looking for a Sucker, a PE alt art, and an HB alt art.

Just thought I would add that I had a similar experience with fjinaind23.

The trade dragged on for weeks and I eventually gave up and cancelled because it was taking so long.

BTW @snake3yes - got your geekmail, still waiting on our postal service. Not to worry though, they tend to be completely unusable as soon as Christmas starts rearing its head. I’m sure the card will show up eventually :smiley:


I’m looking for the Kate full art if anyone is looking to trade one.

I have for trade:
HB: EtF Alt Art
Jinteki: PE Alt Art
Noise Nationals Alt Art
Kati Jones x3
Wylsides & Plascretes
Various Game Night Playmats & Deck Boxes
Wotan Store Champion Playmat
Nationals Agenda Counters

Don’t have a Kate for trade but would you be interested in parting with these for money?

If hes not, I am.

Yeah, I’d be fine with Paypal for them. They are in great condition, I only took them out of the bag that Lukas gave me once to check them out.

PM with an offer and we’ll go from there.

Tori Hanzo playmat (from Polish Nationals)
NBN Making News AA (English version)

Looking for:
Kate AA (Polish version)
US-only promos (PSF, Eli, PC, Gabe)

Reporting a successful trade with @Flickerwisp.

I’m looking to trade cash for a Datasucker or Kate.

Noise (PL - Jazgot)
3x Silhouette playmats (2x ENG, 1x PL)
Pawn playmat (ENG)
Kit playmat (ENG)
2x Kit deckboxes

Looking for:
Team Covenant tokens
Gabe AA

I have Kit 2015 store champs playmat for sale/trade.

I’m looking for AA Gabe. Have an extra Datasucker, PE, and Melange.

Looking for:
1x Data Sucker alt

1x Kate alt
1x NBN Making News alt
1x Tori Hanzo backpack from Dutch nationals

EDIT: Apparently Kate is worth quite a bit more than Sucker, so a straight-up one-for-one trade is unlikely, but I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks to @PeekaySK and @AkAnderson for excellent trades!


Playset plascrete
1 full set of the alt core IDs(only the full set, no singles)


Anyone know where I might be able to get 2x SanSan City Grid and 2x Desperado without shelling out for yet more core sets?

http://www.androidnetrunner.com/ ?


Awesome thanks. Just one more SanSan to track down now.

Does anyone know how much is alt art Chaos Theory worth? I’ve looked through Ebay auctions but all that are listed have buy price at or above $15 and no takers and I’d like to know the price which actually would allow me to sell without waiting.