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[Official] Trading Thread

Reporting successful trade with @Mellone75

Located in Europe, willing to give $$$ or take them.

You can see my current offers / what I’m looking for here:

Looking for Euros 2019 prizes mainly:
SSL x3
IP Block x3
Brute Force Hack x1
Lotus Field x2
Private Security Force x3

Data Sucker x1 (En)
Bhagat x3 (En)
Diversion of Funds x3 (En)
False Lead x2 (En)
Chronos Protocoll x3 (En)
Boom! x3 (De) & x1 (En)
NBN Making News x1 (En)
Jinteki PE x1 (En)
Turning Wheel x1 (En)
Sure Gamble x3 (En)
Kakugo x1 (En)
Embezzle x2 (En)
Popup Window x3 (En)
Melange x1 (En)
Apex x1 (De)
Kati Jones x3 (De)
Fem x1 (De)
Gordian Blade x1 (De)
Black Orchestra x3 (En)
Imp Fan Alt Art (En) x3
SSL Fan Alt art (En) x3
Astro Zombie (En) x3
Shop to buy Fan GNKs
Others (more common see ABR page)

MU Chips from Continentals 2018
Magnum Opus T-Shirt L Worlds 2018

Updated below.

Magnum Opus Alt Arts

  • Adam
  • Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together

I’m offering my promo collection for sale. I have:

FFG alts 1€/card except BoN and Corroder

3x Mushin No Shin
2x Bank Job
3x Political Operative
3x PAD Campaign
3x Ice Wall
1x Corroder 10€
6x Swordsman
3x Pop Up Window
3x Melange Mining Corp
3x Adonis Campaign
1x Plascrete Carapace
3x Charlatan
6x Eli 2.0
2x Team Sponsorship

NISEI alts 1€/card except Noise
2x Scrubber
1x Noise 5€
3x Nisei MKII
3x Archer
3x Earthrise Hotel

acrylic click trackers

1x Weyland 5€
1x Anarch 5€

acrylic tokens 5€/set except the Femme token
1x 5x Yellow Virus
1x Femme Fatale 10€
1x agenda counter
1x Wooden Tag/Bad Pub

playmats 6€/each except Inject
1x Run Amok
1x Tri-Maf Contact
2x Project Vitruvius
1x Running Interference
2x Wotan
2x Chronos Tour
1x Planned Assault
1x Inject 20€
1x Always Have A Backup Plan
1x Pawn
1x Silhouette
1x Leela/Brain-Taping Warehouse

Aurbits IDs 8€/each
Jinteki PE
Titan Transnational

Prettier list here: https://alwaysberunning.net/profile/1204#tab-collection

  • I also have a small collection for sale (3x cores, C&C, H&P, Genesis and Spin Cycles) 120€



PE in different languages: Spanish, French, Japanese
Official Alts
Chaos Theory - plastic card 2016 Icebreaker 1
Lotus Field - 2015 Pax Prime 2
Private Security Force - 2013 North American Champs 3
Gabe / BABW - Plastic 2013 Regionals 1
Bhagat 1
Elis 1.0 2
Kate 2



Rare Tier
Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World 1
Chronos Project 2
Reina (2018 nats) 1
Corroder 2
Steve / Ayla 1
Amina 2
Gordian Blade 1
Common Tier
Adonis Campaign 33
Team Spo 2
Snare! 1
Mushin 9
Data Raven 1
Pop Up Window 12
Kakugo 1
Ice Wall 19
Scorched Earth 2
Pad Campaign 1
Wyldside 14
Black Orchestra 17
Fisk Investment Seminar 5
Political Operative 1
Chaos Theory 1
Aesop’s Pawnshop 10
Plascrete Carapace 29
Nisei Alts
Scrubber 16
419: Amoral Scammer 2
Embezzle 4
Crowdfunding 14
Earthrise Hotel 9
Adam: Compulsive Hacker 14
Secruity Nexus 1
Jinteki: Replicating Perfection 1
Nisei Mk II 5
Titan Transnational 1
Archer 2
Rashida Jaheem 4
Fan Alts
South SanSan IPO 3
Seskamoe NGO Front 3
Krembler Adam: Complulsive Hacker 1
Sanjay Jinteki: Personal Evolution 1

Looking to offload some Netrunner paraphernalia – shipping from Europe – please PM me with any offers (I tried to base prices on recent sales across various Facebook groups)

Take a look at my ABR page if you don’t know what something looks like: https://alwaysberunning.net/profile/25032#tab-collection


1x The Artist (NISEI 2019 regionals) – €20

1x Rezeki (NISEI 2019 Q2 GNK) – €10 each

1x Always Have A Backup Plan (NISEI 2019 SC) – €15

2x Engolo (2018 regionals) – €20 each

1x Tri-Maf Contact (2015 Summer GNK) – €10

1x Freelancer (2014 Winter GNK) – €10


1x Shaper click trackers (2017 Q2 GNK) – €5 each

Alt arts

NBN: Controlling the Message (2018 Q1 GNK – German) – €7

Seidr Laboratories/Skorpios Defence Systems (Terminal Directive kit) – €7

Steve Cambridge/Ayla Rahim (Terminal Directive kit) – €7

Nero Severn (2017 Q2 GNK – German) – €7

Sunny Lebeau (2017 Q1 GNK – German) – €7

Hayley Kaplan (2016 Summer GNK – German) – €7

Chaos Theory (2015 SC – German) – €7

NBN: Making News (2014 Chronos Protocol Tour) – €25

Kakugo (2018 Q1 GNK – German) – €1

Eli 2.0 (Terminal Directive kit) – €1

Charlatan (Terminal Directive kit) – €1

Data Raven (2017 Q2 GNK – German and English) – €2 each, €5 playset

Mushin No Shin (2017 Q1 GNK – German) – €2 each, €5 playset

Same Old Thing (2016 Regionals – 2 German) – €5 each

Bank Job (2016 Summer GNK – German and English) – €1

Pop-Up Window (2015 Spring GNK – German) – €1 each

Aesop’s Pawnshop (2014 Summer GNK – German) – €5

Wyldside (2014 Spring GNK – 2 German) – €5 each

Scorched Earth (2013 Summer GNK) – €5

Selling official english alt-arts:

Card Copies
Crypsis 2
Melange Mining Company 3
Kate “Mac” McCaffrey 1
Scorched Earth 3
Datasucker 3
Adonis Campaign 3
Gabriel Santiago 1
Haas-Bioroid:ETF 1
Wyldside 10
Jinteki:PE 1
Aesop’s Pawnshop 3
Weyland:BBW 4
Plascrete Carapace 21
Kati Jones 3
Corporate Troubleshooter 3
Andromeda/Cerebral Imaging (Plastic Flip ID) 1
Noise 1
Gordian Blade 3
Pop-up Window 6
Femme Fatale 3
Swordsman 3
Corroder 3
Ice Wall 5
Chaos Theory 1
Reina Roja 1
Edward Kim/Gagarin Deep Space (Plastic Flip ID) 1
Ken “Express” Tenma 3
NAPD Contract 3
Political Operative 6
Hayley Kaplan 4
Bank Job 53
Jackson Howard 2
Same old Thing 5
Jesminder Sareen/Palana Foods (Plastic Flip ID) 4
Chronos Project 3
Chaos Theory (Plastic) 1
Hedge Fund 5
Wall of Static 1
Mushin no Shin 2
Data Raven 1
Team Sponsorship 5
Omar Keung 1
Weyland Consoritum: Builder of Nations 5
Snare! 33
Steve Cambridge/Ayla “Bios” Rahim 9
Charlatan 26
Seidr Laboratories/Skorpios Defense Systems 9
Eli 2.0 27
PAD Campaign 4
Jemison Astronautics/Los (Plastic Flip ID) 1
Bhagat 1

and playmats:

Playmat Copies
Playmat (Planned Assault) 1
Playmat (Freelancer) 2
Playmat (Pawn) 1
Playmat (Silhouette and NeoTokyo Grid) 1
Playmat (Day Job) 1
Playmat (Rielle “Kit” Peddler) 1
Playmat (Activist Support) 1
Playmat (Inject) 1
Playmat (Leela Patel) 1
Playmat (Jesminder Sareen with Maya) 1
Playmat (Media Blitz) 1
Playmat (Run Amok) 1

and tokens:

Tokens Sets
Virus tokens (2014 Regional) 1
Blue tag tokens (2015 National) 1
Blue power tokens (2016 Summer) 3
Hexagonal 2/5 credit tokens 13
Advancement tokens 1
Hexagonal 10 credit tokens 2
Anarch click trackers 2
Weyland click trackers 4
Femme Fatale token 2
Round 1/3 credit tokens 1

P.S.: Corrected a mistake with the listing of 2 playmats that I had already sold a few months ago

I told a good friend that I’m selling my netrunner promos and he asked me to list his stuff too: (extra copies of cards I already listed plus the following)

Card Copies
Kate/NBN:MN (very rare smaller acrylic flip ID 2013) 1
Leela Patel 1

Magnum Opus Alt Arts

  • Adam
  • Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together

Reporting a good trade experience with @FoilFlaws. Cheers.

Reporting a good trade with @Agasha too!

Jinteki: Personal Evolution (standard ID) in French, Spanish, and Japanese languages.

Selling my entire collection and my extended list of promos.

You can find everything here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XapIiQtbKwLDLVWJX1RSLn_H_Aow4FG9vaE3zz_-rcM/edit?usp=sharing

I’ve already posted a few months ago (see above) but I recently moved and took the opportunity to update my collection on ABR: https://alwaysberunning.net/profile/3970
Everything is for sale :wink:

Hi to all
I am looking to complete my ffg alt art collection
In particular i am looking for plastic double id.
Kate/nbn is my target but if some one have some plastic double id or some old alt art please let me know !

Hello fellow Runners,

In case any of you might be interested in selling some swag, I would be quite interested in the following items:

  • The “System Update Runners” playmat
  • The “New Self-Modifying Code” playmat
  • The quite old “Caprice Nisei” playmat (one can dream…)
  • FFG deckboxes, especially the Kit, Jinteki and Cyberfeeder ones

Offers welcome!

Hello! I’m willing to offer top dollar (150+) for either of these Magnum Opus Alt Arts!

  • Adam
  • Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together

Hello, here is my list:


  • Private Security Force
  • Lotus Field
  • MaxX promo ID

WTB a very specific deckbox - the 2020 Ultimate Guard Red/Black Superhive. Would be willing to offer generous $$$, but that would depend on the state of it.