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OKORINA 2: Join us on August 22!

“You aren’t the only kind of runner in New Angeles.”

-Kati Jones, famous wrong person

This Saturday, we are going to have another tournament in the OKORINA format, a variation of the standard where your identities are a Unique Connection Resource on the runner side, and an agenda on the Corp side. We’ve done this one before, and it was brilliantly covered by Andrej from the Metropole Grid.

If you’d like to participate, here’s what you need to know:

  • The tournament is Saturday at 11:45 EDT. I’m hoping to start round 1 at 12:00 PM and will be conducted using NISEI’s online Discord server.
  • We’ll being doing 4-5 rounds of swiss, no cut.
  • Register here.
  • The list of rules and identities is here. It’s on my to-do list to make this more readable. Sorry it is a bit of a jumble at the moment.
  • There’s a FAQ here.
  • A summary of changes from the previous tournament is here.
  • The top 4, and anyone who is tied on prestige with the top 4, will each get to pick 1 new ID to add to the format on either the runner or corp side.

I’ll be on hand during the tournament to help with any rules issues that come up.

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If Rachel Beckman becomes tagged, what happens?

She becomes blank for the rest of the game.

I love this format - thank you for creating and organising

Is there any plan to remove IDs in future? Trying to play some decks with my partner and the options are a little overwhelming, especially if youre going to add another four :o

That would be a great idea! I will make plans to do this before OKORINA 4.