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OKORINA: A tournament on Sunday, May 31st

“You aren’t the only type of runner in New Angeles.”

-Kati Jones

What if Ms. Jones was wrong? In the Only Kind Of Runner In New Angeles format, we imagine what Netrunner would be like if you could take on a new Netrunner friend as your identity.

  • What if you took on the mantle of Bhagat to take down the megacorps?
  • What would it be like to hack servers with Psych Mike’s expertise?
  • What if you approached every problem with Theophilius Bagbiter’s unorthodox style?

Instead of choosing a standard identity, you pick a non-neutral, unique connection resource, and start the game with that as your identity after triggering any “when installed” abilities as if you had installed it.

On the corp side, instead of picking a standard identity, you pick a non-neutral agenda, and start the game with that as your identity after triggering any “when scored” abilities as if you had scored it.

Each legal resource and agenda has received a minimum decksize and a maximum influence size (as well as starting link and subtypes).

The full list of legal IDs is here:

OKORINA IDs and rules

What are things like in a meta where everyone’s IDs are wildly different?

We’ll get some insight into this with an online tournament!

The tournament is on May 31st, with round one starting at 1 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Registration ahead of time is greatly appreciated.

Coordination will be on Discord on NISEI’s tournament server.


You might have a bunch of rules questions.

Please feel free to ask them here, or on the #okorina channel on Stimhack slack.

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I am a bunch of rules questions. I’m also amazed by this really cool idea. Thanks, Sanjay!

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I love this idea, and I love the amount of work you put into it so far.

Is Rebirth allowed, and if so does it target (legal) resources?

Rebirth is not allowed. I think it would be fine and fun, but I just didn’t want the added complications.

The even has a semi-custom banned/restricted list:

All currents
DJ Fenris
All cards that are banned under the MWL

All cards that are restricted under the MWL

Additionally, you cannot include the resource that is your ID or the agenda that is your ID in your deck.

(So if you are playing Water Monopoly Corp, you can’t also include the card Water Monopoly in your list)

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Thanks for catching the typo and for the kind words.

There’s a FAQ I’ll be keeping up to date leading up to the tournament:

Here it is

Some highlights include jnet’s newest command: /replace-id, and the prize support:

Top 4 get to pick new IDs to add to the format!

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