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Old for New


Seems like Shaper to me. Almost like an Ice Analyzer


Gypsy Schedule Analyzer is totally a Criminal card.

Not only do they already analyze schedules with Expert Schedule Analyzer, but the effect is sort of like a reverse CBI Raid. I think this could be a great way for Criminals to have an Indexing type effect that makes sense in their faction.


this would have been great to battle asset spam ages ago. could still be useful now tbh

i’ve always wished Criminal had this style of ice destruction (maybe not quite so powerful as to destroy ALL ice, but maybe one piece of ice or something or pay extra when passing/encountering to destroy it). but taking tags at the end and throwing money at the problem so it goes away sounds very criminal to me


I love Big Frickin Gun.
It was a very popular breaker too.


What’s in the box!?


I think most of these cards doesn’t fit to

  • a 3/15 format
  • the LCG current cardpool.

There is a lack of context, there.


Corporate Negotiating Center could be interesting. The most similar is Attitude Adjustment but there is the fundamental difference that it directs attention away from HQ rather than attracts it.

Bring back Hidden Resources like Liberated Savings Account or Mercenary Subcontract.

3/2 Agendas like Project Zurich or Unlisted Research Lab


i mean everyone here understands that tbh. many, many cards from original netrunner were remade in ANR with heavy modifications to fit into the new cardpool and rule changes.

the only lack of context is the assumption that no one here understands that tbh


Although thinking about it, God of War is basically a new version of a Noisy (pun unintentional) breaker, isn’t it?

I could see maybe a non-AI breaker suite that’s efficient getting in, but self-tags you as a cost of breaking.


Ok then, so what adaptation do you think these cards need beside adding a faction and an influence score ?
I was just saying this by pragmatism, because I never crossed the adaptation of I GOT A ROCK in any game so far ?



That guy in Liberated Savings Account really REALLY has an emotional connection to that CD.

Also, I like the art style of Mercenary Subcontract.


Runner Resource: The Shell Traders :slight_smile:


OR…Prep-AI-Random: Playful AI :slight_smile:


Personal Workshop was the ANR adaptation of The Shell Traders, I think.


i really don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

‘these cards don’t fit the ANR structure’
‘this card that is in no way similar to its ONR counterpart is never played’

these two statements have nothing to do with each other. lots of cards can’t be taken word for word or value for value from ONR to ANR. they are changed because there’s an extensive testing process. there are many many many things that can and do change as the testing goes on, but i made some suggestions already for some of the cards i wanted to see. i can’t really say anything 100% because it would need testing


@dr00 I don’t disagree with the ideas you give, but, to figure how these would incrust ANR, I just need to read the context in which you figure these are sane for the game.

It would be, for exemple, quite easy to tell “I want all ONR 3/2 because 3/2 are great”, but I guess we could agree this need an adaptation before (on this subject, mine would be “4x 3/2 max per deck”). And I would also agree this needs testing too.
How to do this could be achieved by giving a keywork to each 3/2 (ex: “limited”), and saying that there can’t be more than 4x a “limited” card in a deck (this is current Jinteki limits, and I think 4x is fair).

You could use that keyword with the Conspiracy suite too, if you needed to.

I got a rock maybe was a little too much nerfed for it to be played in ANR. On the other side, maybe Sansan was a little too blunt for ANR.

The subject of the thread is “Old for new”. I was just asking where is the “for new” part.

Nothing else :slight_smile:


I think that having more 3/2 agendas but limiting the total number per deck is a great idea. 3/2 will always be staples, and increasing the variety of their effect seems a good way to improve the game. I think it’s pretty likely that there will be a ‘default’ 3/2 for each faction (usually a default agenda suite), but trying to avoid that seems like a good direction of travel.