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Old for New

Are there any cards left from Original Netrunner that haven’t appeared in A:NR that you’d like to see?

Like the Random cards, or perhaps the Noisy breakers? Or Hidden Resources?

I would like to see: Field Reporter of Ice and Data

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the Big Frackin’ Gun


I’ve got a feeling this card’s effects may already be in the game:
Lesley Major

But if it isnt, I think it could fit in nicely with Jinteki mind games :slight_smile:


Loan from Chiba is another card I really like from the old days.


So powerful!
Maybe too much for A:NR?

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I think, with Notoriety we already have a card that fits that niche and is more balanced.

This card is wonderful. Getting a huge one turn boost followed by permanent debt until you win or die.

Sea Source > Closed Accounts > Trash is a real threat. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Corp has a version as well.


I always liked Strike Force Kali. 6/3 agenda that, when scored, lets you click to do 2 meat if the runner is tagged. Basically PSF’s big brother that can actually murder a runner.

Stumble through Wilderspace would make sense as a Sunny card. Run event, make a run where you have +9 link for the duration of that run. Oh look, you have a bunch of trace ICE? Let’s do this LEEROOOOOOY

…And, y’know, I GOT A ROCK.

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This one almost made it to A:NR in the guise of Meteor Mining

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Wow, that’s a cool card!

The Jankmaster in me wants: Indiscriminate Response Team.
Interesting would be: Corruption.
Great anarch card: Do the 'Drine.
Reverse Fast Track: Gypsy Schedule Analyzer.


I think the mechanic behind this one started to appear in the NBN cards that returned runner cards to grip and stack.

Love it!

Totally worth it!

What faction would suit this?

Shaper card?

Regarding Indiscriminate Response Team, the face that this has no trash cost and isn’t specific to a server location seems pretty strong to me.

Of course the runner could use it as a “during the game” mulligan :slight_smile:

A good way to get Clot back into the deck when you’re not on Hayley, (Trash cost is 2 though)

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I’d say criminal (i.e. Los and crim’s general rez-derez tech) or anarch (Reina theme).


Indiscriminate Response Team: Would be strong in NBN and those Kitara cycle bounce-your-rig decks (Archangel, Intake, makes Sandman fun!).

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