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Old Meta Decks?

My gaming group is still playing with the Core set (although I pretty much have ALL of the cards now), we proxy the missing cards from the base game and we are thinking about starting the genesis cycle (I think we would include all 6 datapacks at once).

All factions seem to be reasonable right now with win rates around 50% (some slightly more, some slightly less), but in our gaming groups meta Jinteki has some serious problems (with only core set cards).

Do you guys have decklists from the old meta (only core+genesis), or could you throw together some basic decks? Especially a Jinteki one?
If I would like to look for old meta netdecks (for example core+genesis+1st deluxe, or core+1st cycle + 1st deluxe +2nd cycle etc.) where could I find some?

Thanks in advance!

Check on netrunnerdb, under deck lists->search on the right hand side you can select data packs.

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I tried already and I didn’t find any creative decks for genesis. I guess people were using carddb and other sites and netrunnerdb became popular later on.

I saw a reddit post once with this in it:

That was the best I could find.


Throwback Wednesday: I got second place at a regional in 2013 with Scorched Jinteki and Dino Whizzard. Jinteki kill was really good in a tag-me criminal meta. I since added a couple of C&C and Spin Cycle cards to the Jinteki decklist, but you can look at older versions in the History tab.

I actually switched from Meteor to NetrunnerDB years ago so my Meteor page is purely filled with my old decks from back then. They weren’t meta decks, but maybe some of you can still have fun with them. In general Meteor might be a good place to look for older decks!


Check out the Tournament Winning decklists page on stimhack.


I think you have the best resource there already, but also here you can see worlds decks back to 2013 and nationals to 2014. http://www.acoo.net/anr-tournament-archive/1/


@aandries played something akin to this at Gencon 2013, with great success. Pre-Howard, Noise had some chops. This caught people off-guard, as they expected Noise to build and mill. This could actually run servers early. To our surprise, Ice Carver can reduce ICE to negative STR, hurting Atman zero.

(This covered Core + Genesis + C&C)