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Online Netrunner Tournament: May 9th

Netrunner Current Standard, Single Elimination Tournament.

16 person max. Anyone can enter. Entry is free. 16 players will be chosen at random from those who enter. First place receives $500. All matches played on Jinteki.
May 9th starting at Noon Pacific Time. Play down to winner.

Email sixprimeinvesting@gmail.com with your jinteki name to enter

All decisions and rules will be in the sole discretion of the tournament director. In case of unforseen problems I will make a ruling.

All decks must fit Current Standard. Decks will not be revealed until play. You may use a different deck and ID for each match. You will not know what your opponent is playing until the game and vice versa. It will be random who is corp and who is runner.

The tournament will be streamed on my stream twitch/tree_poker Watch there for updates.

Legal Standard Decklist only.

If you are selected to be in the 16 you will recieve an email with more details.

Prize will be paid out on Paypal only. If you cannot use paypal you will not recieve a prize, but you may still enter.


Time : May 9th, start time 12pm PST

Players : 16 random players chosen from the list of people who have enrolled. To enroll email sixprimeinvesting@gmail.com with Jinteki username. Registration closed Friday May 8th at Noon. Bracket will be posted here shortly after that.

Format : Each round, remaining players will be paired at random, be assigned corp or runner at random, choose deck (must be standard legal), and then play a single game. The loser is eliminated. When only one player remains, the tournament is over, and that player will be awarded $500. New deck and new ID is allowed for each game.

TO is Pokerpro, there may be other judges TBD.

(One entry per person. Anyone caught cheating will be banned from all future tournaments. No console commands allowed on Jinteki unless both players agree, or it is part of a legal game mechanic. If someone makes an illegal play they will be disqualified unless their opponent allows a takeback so click carefully (The final call will be mine). Scouting is legal for this tournament, but if it slowing down your game play you may be warned and then disqualified so scout quickly please. I will be monitoring all games and all players for excessive slow play. I will first issue a warning, possibly placing a time limit per turn on that person. If someone is taking excessive time to manipulate the game in an unsportsperson-like way I will make a decision and my ruling will stick. That ruling may include disqualification. Unsportsperson-like conduct may be grounds for disqualification and it will be at my sole discretion.)

I hope everyone and the netrunner community enjoys it!


Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winner: MotionBlur.
Great sportsmanship by all involved. Here is a video of the tournament: