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Online tournament with new deck every week

If you like building decks and you like having structured events to organize games, take a look here.

Exploratory Romp is what I’m calling a progressive card pool online casual tournament. Each week you will build a new deck based on an ever expanding card pool and play a game in a Swiss-style tournament.

Round 1 will use a Single Core Set. Round 2 will be the Onesies format (1 Core Set, 1 Deluxe Box, 1 Data Pack, and 1 Card). Round 3 will use a version of the Cache Refresh card pool (1 Core Set, 1 Deluxe Box, Kitara, and Ashes). Round 4 will be Standard. Round 5 will use Abram Jopp’s Classic Format.

You can get full details here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uX7IQgQc5AV9J_sB0dow2CVnKPgfpuh221kY2wDuPho/edit

Games start on April 26.

Come join us for some fun games and some interesting deck-building.


One week left to sign up!

Salut !

Pas en mesure de suivre ce tournoi mais j’imagine que tu es belge, vu ton pseudo ?
Tu es sur la page Fb belge de Netrunner ? https://www.facebook.com/groups/178068878984403/
On a aussi une conversation plutôt francophone et un discord. Tu peux me rajouter sur fb : Kobayashi Geburlicht Issa

Bonne journée !

Thank you for the invitation. I am actually American but my family came over from the Charleroi region in the 20th century. I’m afraid I’ve not kept up the language but I am still proud to be a descendant of Walloons.

Ahah, okay then !