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Order and Chaos (Now FFG Confirmed w Spoilers)

Post with spoiler images:


It comes out after this cycle, I guess?

Almost certainly I would think.

oh yes

From what I can make out there…

  • FFG’s bestselling card game
  • Amazing product support
  • Draft Play Option
  • “The Spaces Between” data pack launching at this GEN CON
  • Announcing new Deluxe faction expansion “Order and Chaos” will release late this fall (Anarch and Weyland)

Also apparently they’re going to release two new rulebooks, a “learn to play” and a “comprehensive rulebook” which is honestly just about as exciting.

EDIT: Not sure how could be late this fall. Even if we get two expansions in one month that’s still putting this in December now. Unless we get two sets in each of TWO months? I dunno. Maybe I’ve misread it too much or something, but I thiiink that’s right.


Updated for new FFG info!


As always, there’s many more new card images on the description page here. =)

And now I look silly, because SneakySly lived up to his name and edited the post above mine to add them in there. They weren’t there originally, I promise. =D


Love, love, love! Excellent.

I like the sound of 7-strength code gates that trash programs.

Wormhole will be excellent in Blue Sun and will probably also see play in Tennin.

Traffic accident looks like siphon punishment only for weyland, but will probably make NBN psycho-scorch better.


Edward Kim looks very exciting- he really punishes a corp for not icing their hand, allowing you to snipe economy or combo pieces, plus he can get you some fresh cards to look at from R&D looks. All that and he comes with a link. I can’t wait to try him out.



Every one of the cards so far looks like so much fun. I am monstrously excited about this.

First thoughts:

Edward Kim is, in many respects, a scarier Whizzard. Between the two, Anarch might have a lot of power to shape the metagame. If Anarch as a whole gets the boost Shaper did, because they lack an easy and clear-cut “best ID” so far… well. Whichever you see more will shape decisions as a Corp player to some extent, I think. He won’t save on money as much, but being able to trash operations (albeit forcibly) is incredibly useful against most corps. Also makes HQ much less secure overall. I also love that he’ll still want to run Imp, for MORE trashing, and also to deal with SanSans and whatnot.

Gagarin doesn’t look great at first blush, but it’s certainly not terrible. Makes the effective trash cost of everything higher, and makes the runner pay for the privilege of hitting a Snare! or whatnot. Kind of negates Desperado a bit, which is nice, and if you’ve got upgrades in with your assets/agendas they’ll certainly be more obnoxious to deal with. It’s not enough for me to want it, with what we’ve seen so far, but I’m sure the other IDs’ll all be pretty neat, too.

Traffic Accident is just so much fun. Cheap meat damage, great flavor text, the works. I love it.

Human First early would be a massive potential econ boost, preventing some degree of chain-scoring (making SanSan better but still going well with most other FA methods).

High Risk Investment is just really really funny, and also makes a bunch of things doable that aren’t otherwise. (HRI>Punitive>Punitive, say. Or recovering from successive, crippling Siphons.) Not sure it’s super good, but it’s fun, and has potential.

Satellite Grid is absolutely amazing, and finally makes many pieces of Advanceable Ice almost playable.

Itinerant Protestors is a lovely, lovely current, especially when combined with the new bad-pub granting cards. Murder against Weyland.

Wormhole, if I’m reading it right, is a 7 STR Code Gate that has the cost reduced for each advancement counter, and lets you resolve any one subroutine from any other rezzed piece of Ice in play. Looots of fun to be had there, too, and its not unique. Neat! (Run Flare alongside this for maximum fun.)

Space Camp is a pretty good Ambush Asset for Weyland even outside of Advance Ice decks, I think – though obviously it’s better there. Also, expensive to trash… though it only fires in R&D, alas. Still. Useful.

Glenn Station is an excellent and interesting way of dealing with Agenda Flooding and/or Imp. Or just to hide what you’ve got in hand/deal with having no hand size because of all these damn Itinerant Protestors.

Wanton Destruction isn’t my favourite thing, but as a Quadruple it loses them three cards in hand at random without warning. Might have a place somewhere, especially in a deck that runs with extra clicks.

Hivemind is neat. Best combined with Parasite/Medium/Nerve Agent, but can help other things (Imp) in exchange for becoming less powerful overall. Pretty neat, even if it is 2 MUs.

Investigative Journalism miiight be too slow, but might also be the boost Blackmail decks need? Their first BP can become up to 4, which makes running almost anywhere a breeze… but that’s a full turn spent on each, not including the installing.

Sub Boost is super fun. Seems well balanced (for Anarch, with Corroder and Morning Star), and also just makes so many things better. More subroutines on a barrier? Fine. ETR on Ichi or Janus? Great!

Of cards I don’t see above: Virus Breeding Ground seems super slow, but also somewhat useful (keeps Imp and Hivemind alive post-wipe without a reinstall, can make Hivemind even scarier for like ten seconds before the NEXT wipe, and so on). Stim Dealer is kind of amazing, especially in decks with Aesop’s to avoid the punishment (and recoup costs). Means Anarchs could get a 6-click turn pretty easily with only in-faction stuff, which is exciting. (These are both linked on the product page, but don’t show up outside the in-text links.)

Overall, I’m super excited. A bit annoyed that they’re going for lots of low-influence stuff, because Anarch already gets pilfered to hell and back, but there’s so much going on here that I think it’ll probably end up being okay. After all, it’s not like all the other good Anarch things’ll just disappear or anything, they’re all still great.

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don’t forget:



Thanks! Hopefully that is all I missed.

Investigative journalism is all I’ve ever wanted.

Actually, looking over this more, I like how many of the low-influence Anarch cards are pieces that getting the whole of outside the faction will still be super hard.

I mean, I still hope there’s more high-influence stuff for both coming down the line, but it’s neat. Then again, I also don’t entirely like how much Anarch relies on many individual pieces to function sometimes, so… it’s a mixed bag. Still, though. Efficient AI breaker yet to come, woo!

so, there’s this… http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_public/img_minisites/ADN22/ADN22_bg_a.jpg

It was pointed out on BGG that the runner id partially obscured seems to say “The Corp begins the game with 1 Bad Publicity.”

So Blackmail just became a bit more reliable in one deck.


I read it as firing from anywhere (including Archives).


You know, you’re right. I was just assuming they wouldn’t be that kind, for some reason, and so misread the card.

Space Camp is the greatest. All hail the Space Camp!

EDIT: @Sedj If that is right, wow. That is very exciting. Makes Investigative Journalism and Itinerant Protestors much better for one deck, and yeah, Blackmail, too. Wow.

EDIT 2: Holy shit NAPD is about to get fucked over hardcore. Between starting with one BP and the new ways of giving more, it’s going to be all but unscoreable.

Well, I think even unscorable NAPD’s are still fine in plenty of decks. NBN fast advance pretty much never bothers scoring them, they just make up the numbers. I guess it gets worse in decks that actually plan on scoring them, though.

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True, but not having the option might hurt. If nothing else, means the runner doesn’t have to worry about stealing them as much, either.