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Organized Event in Glendale, WI

Hey all,

I’ve started a Monday Netrunner event, at the BoardGame Barrister, in the Bayshore shopping mall. The event is casual right now but I hope to get enough players to start things like tournaments and drafts.

The event starts at 6 P.M., and there will be a $3 entry fee. We don’t have any of the current tournament kit, however I do have some of the first promos from the first organized play kit.

I can provide the draft packs.

Hope to see you there.

What does the entry fee go to?

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The store.

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$3 to play 3 hours of Netrunner, no prizes, and over MSRP prices? I’m sorry but I’ll pass.

I wonder when Board Game Barrister will fold up shop. It’s really sad that seated in the “heart” of gaming we have these stores. They need to take a lesson from I’m Board in Madison or countless other amazing shops around the world. You don’t build a scene of players by charging to sit at the table.


Why board game stores don’t serve coffee and basic food ala ffg to make their money eludes me. You put a bunch of nerds in a room and someone is going to be hungry. But entry fees for casual play? wat?

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Right. It’s seated in a mall, so, it has bills to pay.

If I were to open a game store nowadays, it would have a cafe attached, minimum. Prob. make it a bar/restaurant.

I hear these bar/game hybrids exist “out west” in some capacity. I’m sure there are real concerns. liquor licences, health inspectors, additional staff, and greasy finger wear and tear on your in house library. But, I assume there is money to be made.

In pittsburgh we had a game store in a mall, but the mall was dying so I’m not sure the rent was that bad (and they made all their money off of comics). There were never entry fees for casual gaming.

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There was this amazing store in Seattle that is a cafe/restaurant/game store with a huge selection of games you can borrow. Pipe dream of mine is to open one in Madison. There has to be a market here.

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Pretty sure there’s a market everywhere.


Yes, I have a friend in California on vacation and he was throwing up images of this gaming/bar/restaurant concept out there. It was packed on a week night. The good news is it’s happening in the Milwaukee area. The people that own 42 Lounge in Downtown just purchased a huge facility in St. Francis and will be opening a “42 Ale House” Food, full bar, open late, and catering to gamers. They will be recruiting GMs for RPGs, and hosting as many events as they can get their hands on. THIS IS WISCONSIN. We want beer and cheese at everything. Hell, even our fitness clubs have a bar (WAC).


If I cannot consume alcohol and carbs before/after my workout, I’m staying home.


I know like 1000 people who would love you.

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