Oscar the Trash Monster - Apex Reaver Decklist

So I was playing some Apex yesterday. Really liking what Reaver does for him. Figured I’d post up the list here and maybe generate some discussion.

Oscar the Trash Monster

Apex: Invasive Predator (Data and Destiny)

Event (22)

Hardware (5)

Resource (8)

Icebreaker (4)

Program (6)

25 influence spent (max 25)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Martial Law

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

Game plan is the same as it’s always been for Apex; hit them with Apocalypse whenever you can get value out of it. Game will probably end after 1 if it’s mid-late game, but, if not, you’re likely in the advantageous position. However, with Reaver and Faust, you can also play a fairly aggressive game even if your Apocalypse gets stifled, which helps fix his one-dimensional playstyle.

Relies on an extremely aggressive draw engine from Chop + Reaver + EP + DW to hit the ground running. A ton of event economy to let you setup and use your overdraws while staying wealthy. That said, don’t be afraid to lose some of the engine to get off Apocalypse. I wish there was something better than Infiltration (and there probably is), but it functioned alright even with it.

Once you’re setup and passively drawing massive amounts of cards, Faust becomes the primary breaker with the heap suite augmenting it. Endless Hunger is a trap IMO, given the amount of non-ETR blocking ICE that exists, and how installing it impedes setting up multiple Reavers. Could consider including if early game rush is a problem though (with only 4 breakers it can take time to find what you need). If you include EH you likely axe Infiltrations.

Interdiction is a poor man’s Rumor Mill. Not as strong, but can catch the unsuspecting off-guard, and without the 2 influence cost.

That’s pretty much it. Be happy to hear any feedback you all have. Cheers.


I’m curious about this approach and I like your breaker suite a lot. Eschewing Endless Hunger altogether is a fine idea. Being able to facedown a conspiracy breaker & then chop it for two cards is awesome efficiency. Deuces Wild is a great Apex card, too. It’s just money & cards if you need them, but then it really helps the Apocalypse turn against NBN because you can clear a tag as part of a click.

My problem with Apex is that it wants a very small, cheap rig since everything is temporary & will eventually be turned facedown by Apocalypse. Cards like Wasteland and, to a lesser extent, Reaver are more setup that seem unlikely to pay off enough. Wasteland needs three turns of trashes to break even with just clicking for a credit instead, and there’s a single card that can trash on the corp turn here (Hunting Grounds). Clone Chip & SMC are ideal and solve some of the deck’s recursion/consistency issues, but both are also too influence intensive.

I guess I don’t have much feedback, just that commentary. I’d drop Wasteland entirely, even just more Hunting Grounds is good since that card is great against NBN. Cutting the Exclusive Party package gives you space for fun stuff like Clone Chip.

Wasteland is surprisingly reliable in these builds and provides some much needed economy.

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I agree with cutting the parties. Never liked that card for influence, and now you can play 3x special order and have a makeshift wyldcakes!

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