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Out of Sync - NBN TagStorm

I’ve been attempting to put together a Sync deck, with the goal of giving the runner 1-3 tags a turn which all cost 3c to trash. Either they keep the tags, or spend a lot of time and effort to clear them.

I was considering whether or not to have scorch.

3x manhunt, 3x news team, and 3x data raven seem to be musts. They were working well. I had a runner take a tag from manhunt running archives, then I shuffled back agendas and they accessed 3 quantum predictive models and 3 news teams, so I got +3 points and they got -3 points.

2 gutenberg seems to be the right number to me.

The agenda suite I went with is 3xGlobal Food Initiative, 3xQuantum Predictive Model, 1x 15 Minutes, 3x Market Research, and 1x Chronos Project.

I also had 3x Reality Threedee, but I couldn’t keep the runner tagged. Maybe I shouldn’t rez these unless the runner has some tags. As a result, Keegan Lane wasn’t working as intended. No Midseasons, I could also include this to start the tag avalance, and just only put a few tags on.

I considered moving away from scorch to a beale/psychographics model, which might be the right call.


I think QPM and Keegan make Bandwidth much more viable. Suddenly the runner’s early R&D accesses risk giving you points for basically no investment on your part, and Keegan can hit reliably.

Later game, you can throw a Crisium on the Bandwidth server(s) to blank the “If successful” part of Bandwidth, making it look more like a Gutenberg that doesn’t have to be on R&D.

Edit - nevermind about the QPM protection - I was thinking Bandwidth removed the tag when the run ends, but it’s when it’s successful. It does turn on Keegan, along with the “If tagged” NBN ice like information overload and News Hound, and still protects QPM if you have a Crisium.


Yeah I think Psychographics with Sansans, Astros and Beales is the way to go (if you’re not Scorching, anyway). Puts the runner in a nasty double bind - if they spend time clearing tags that’s time they can’t spend running to stop you scoring out; if they try and play the standard anti-FA run-a-lot strategy they won’t be able to clear all the tags and you can punish them in various ways. I’d look at 3x Astro 3x Beale 3x QPM 1x 15 Minutes and then a couple of flex slots. NAPD is the obvious choice, but TGTBT, Explode-a-Palooza and Breaking News could all fit too. Clot is a potential problem of course but you can slot Cyberdex if you really need to, otherwise I think something like that will make for a very strong deck.

Noticed that this thread is super low and hasn’t been updated in a little while. Here’s the list I’ve been playing. Midseasons isn’t very good in this deck, but I still have one just in case. It does get used sometimes. The deck is incredibly solid and difficult to play against. Biotic helps you push those astros out when you need to.


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There is 1 issue I have with SYNC:as a runner who play against SYNC,eventually at some point (especially match point),I would simply give up clear tags and do everythings to gain as much access as I can before I lost to psycho or scorch.Then a 40-44 deck is just too fragile to that much access.

Your deck has been a great inspiration for me these past two days. I’ve played nothing but Psychobiotics on Jnet today and have been having a blast. Even played CodeMarvelous, not realizing you and he were playtesting this deck earlier this week.

As discussed on your NRDB list, I took out Celeb Gift and put in a second GLC and an Archived Memories. It’s made the deck very consistent for me.

Here’s my current build. Let me know what you think.

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I’ve been building a Sync deck where that probably hands the corp the game - if the runner is tagged, they can only steal and keep 12 of the 18 points in the deck.

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I like the changes. I need to test with archived. How’s ASI been?

The main issue is when you ends up without being able to finish the game. I’ve played games against sync where I took 3 news Team, stole 3 GFI 1 astro and 1 QPM. There was only 6 remaining points in the corp deck at this point and he couldn’t close out.


Do you think an information overload would be good for when the runner goes tag me? Hit one of those once and having to deal with 20 subs without faerie or switchblade is a nightmare come true

I’ve heard parasite exist :slight_smile:

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Yeah but if you don’t see it coming, it only needs to hit once to be devastating. Just a thought, I might roll with this when D&D hits stores

It’s a swing slot. DLR is rampant in my local group and I felt comfortable putting one in for a whole turn of ASI > Archived > ASI. It could easily be the restructure you originally had.

Only way I really see this deck allaying this problem is planting a cvs and biotic-ing the first astro early. The Sync pilot hopes it’s the runner who can’t finish, but when you live by the sword, you sometimes die by the sword.

Coming from the dlr side, this doesn’t seem like a strong proposition. Dlr needs to be incredibly cautious about taking tags, so if you’re at a point where you can assemble this combo, you’ve got a small amount of cards left in your deck. Turntable in particular makes it very hard to score out. Dlr has about 6 blackmails to get into a remote, and you have 12 things you can put there profitably (3 advance agendas, unrezzed Jackson, news team). May the odds be in your favor.

In my view, the deck doesn’t have the money to rez something for 6, blowout though it may be. The deck wants to spend that money on Biotic and Psycho and Midseasons (sometimes), which puts the corp at about 0-4 credits consistently. Also, if you’re thinking about taking out Gift, I do not recommend adding any ice that costs more than 4.

Now, if we’re talking about more of a tagstorm rig blowout deck that plays Ash and more money, then I could potentially see adding IO. The likelihood, though, is that it’s not going to fire. It rarely did, anyway, in older Butchershop decks, so players removed it.

I would agree that if ASI + AM was my main defense against DLR then I wouldn’t win, however my main defense is scoring out before they are fully set up, much to the tune of any fa/rush deck. If they happen to set up before I win, then that should be enough time to have both pieces in my hand. If they are careless with their tags, then I can be careless with Psychographics.

I haven’t had any experience against turntable yet, so I can’t really speak on that.

In a vacuum DLR is very difficult to compete against, so I see the concern. This deck has held up pretty well against it, however.

Finishing the game is the main problem. Also, if the runner can afford to just pay off all the tags aand they never keep them, you eventually lose.

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I found this also, especially when you are on 4-5 points with just a 15mins and GFI left in the deck.

I found closed accounts vital to beat Kate e.g. this combo came up recently

Click 1) Archived mem hidden HQ card (closed accounts)
Click 2) Play closed accounts
Click 3) Biotic labour
Click 4) Fast track (15mins)
Click 5) Install, use 2 astro tokens. Score. gg.

I know people haven’t necessarily been fans of Midseasons in SYNC, but I use it and I fire it almost every single game. Once those tags are there the following good things happen:

Psychographics turns on the instant GFI score (or astro)
Information Overload becomes an instant board wipe.
Resistors become unbearable (unless you have D4v1d)
Quantum Predictive models are unstealable.

I rarely have trouble closing the game after a midseasons.