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OverDrive: New Draft Set!

Overdrive is the second pool of cards for Android: Netrunner Draft Play, consisting of 194 randomized cards collated from across the whole network of Android: Netrunner products. These include the game’s Core Set, its first two deluxe expansions, and its first three cycles of Data Packs, including no fewer than forty-three cards drawn from the Lunar Cycle, which you’ll be able to add to your rig or HQ before they’re even released in Data Packs!



At the root of the Overdrive draft play expereince are randomized Overdrive Draft Packs for both Corp and Runner. The Runner Draft Pack is a selection of 40 randomized cards, drawn from a pool of 194 pre-selected Android: Netrunner cards, including no fewer than 22 cards that highlight the Data Packs in the Lunar Cycle. Compiled according to a custom algorithm, each unique 40-card Runner Draft Pack is printed and made available to you via Fantasy Flight Games in-house manufacturing.


So… Over half the pack is going to be new cards???

lol, I’ve still never drafted Netrunner :). Glad to hear its popular, I guess?

I :heart: constructed play so much more than draft.

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The first sentence causes the third. :wink:


Perhaps the third causes the first :).

Kinda bummed they’re releasing Lunar cards in draft first. I like the anticipation of the new releases.

The picture leads me to believe they might release mostly already spoiled cards, though only time will tell.

all they would have to do is start slipping some alt art cards into these packs and you would see more drafting lol.

the “chase” is what fuels magic drafting and without some element of the “chase” it falls flat. we tried out sly’s grid cube last week and that was a lot of fun and can be done with cards anyone who is serious about netrunner already owns. 20 + dollars a draft for cards that most of the players own full playsets of because of the nature of LCGs is a tough sell and this is coming from someone who has 4 core sets, 2x of each data pack and deluxe expansions, 2 sets of broken egg tokens and has paid through the nose for alt art promo on ebay ie chronos protocol making news ID.

i loathe to say it but netrunner drafting will not take off until there is something to chase.


Well, since I drafted Netrunner, my desire to play constructed Netrunner has vanished.

A little too soon for my tastes, still figuring out the first draft set, but excited either way.