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Overscored Bifrost Array

Let’s say I have a scored Project Ares or some other agenda that has an ‘over scoring’ ability text. Then I score a Bifrost Array with let’s say 5 counters. Does it trigger the Ares for 1 or not at all? Thanks for the help. I guess in a roundabout way I’m asking if you can overscore a Bifrost and trigger the ability in excess of the already scored agenda’s text. Sorry if this has been covered or is a bit nooby.

No, the text refers to project ares alone, and there aren’t any tokens on it at the time. Bifrost is good for making additional priority reqs happen, I’d aim for that, or even corporate war, and make a ton of fast money if the stars align. Efficiency committee and project Wotan can be used for this as well, just look at how any of those agendas are worded, and you’ll get it. Everyone is a noob at first.

Cool makes sense. That’s what I suspected … I’m mucking about with lol build using psychographics in Custom Biotics and wondering about agenda’s.

Since psychographic builds have the weakness of the runner either never getting tagged, or living with them and winning anyway, maybe ash and manhunt would work. Midseasons is good against runners that aren’t rich, but runners get rich when corps aren’t aggressively scoring. But make the runner trace 6 to not be in a world of pain, that seems like it could be a thing.,

Midseasons is the tag plan.

Its an all or nothing plan in my experience, awesome when it works, ppppppppppppppppppppp otherwise. Especially if you can’t follow up with psychographics immediately afterwards. That is the deck though. How would you incorporate bifrost array into that?

Bifrost only works with the efficiency committees at the moment. But it’s a really cool way to keep your efficiencies going.

Currently in my CB Midseasons deck I’m running 3 Vitruvius, 3 NAPD, 2 Ares, 2 EC, and 3 DS as agendas. I think CB is uniquely leveraged for MS, as being able to increase agenda density via Domestic Sleepers is very nice. I don’t have the exact deck list on me, but I’m running 2 Midseasons, 2 Psycho, 2 Archer, and 1 Scorched for influence along with all event econ.

It’s not too hard to out-econ the runner, especially with a fairly cheap ICE loadout. And if you aren’t out-econing the runner, that typically means they’re durdling with Opus or the like, and you just score out agendas until they start running. Both DS and NAPD are great bait to set up a Midseasons, especially if you drop them in a remote that’s going to cost the runner a decent amount of credits.

If you overscored Ares, it would trigger again at the same strength. The advancement counters stay on scored agendas.


I could have sworn they get removed, I’m still pretty sure, can we get a link?

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That’s great intel. Thanks.

The thing is that there is no ruling, or any text that says you remove them. I really should get around to asking Lucas.

I remember someone referring to the tokens getting removed when you score an agenda, I think I’ll look over the rulebook and FAQ for shits and giggles again.

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Here was the ruling from Lukas: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/11916752#11916752


imho right now bifrost array is only a decent choice in ABT Foundry; as the ID ability makes for perfectly safe ABTs, allowing you to install and rez mountains of ICE for free with essentially 6 ABTs in the deck.

It keeps the counters on, but Trick of Light can’t move them.

If only Tennin could use Bifrost Array - it could put advancement tokens on Braintrust and then Bifrost Array it.

I emailed Lucas shortly after my last post, specifically about advancements on scored agendas, not about any card interactions. Here is the wording and response, copied directly from my email:

My question:

Are advancement counters removed from agendas when they are scored?

His reply:

Thanks for the question. Advancement tokens should be removed from an agenda upon scoring it. I will add this to the next FAQ. Hope that helps,

Lukas Litzsinger
Game Designer
Fantasy Flight Games

That should close the book on this one. The Johnny in me is sad, but it makes sense.