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Overt and Covert, an imaginary Weyland/Criminal big box

27 corp cards, 28 runner cards.
$ = credit
$R = recurring credit

  • = unique
    @ = click
    -> = subroutine
    /// = back face of card
    I don’t have influence costs for most cards. If you’re confused about the intended interactions of any cards feel free to ask. Positive and negative feedback on this set is welcome.



Crust Towers: Negative Gearing
When you forfeit an agenda, flip this identity.
You need one fewer agenda point to win the game.

The Masonic Lodge: Bricks ‘n’ Mortar
Barriers do not count against your influence limit.

Buccaneers Inc.: Sailing the High Seas
Install all agendas face up.
As an additional cost to steal an agenda that isn’t installed, the Runner must pay credits equal to twice the agenda points on that agenda.


Trade Secrets - 5/1
Trade Secrets is worth 2 additional agenda points while in the Corp’s score area.

Mortar Project - 4/2
Agenda - Public
Install Mortar Project faceup.
While Mortar Project is installed in a server, barriers protecting that server have +2 strength and gain “-> End the run.” after all their other subroutines.

Cyber Bullying - 3/1
When you score Cyber Bullying, trace 6 - If successful, trash 1 program.

Nuclear Disarmament - 2/1
When you score Nuclear Disarmament, reveal all cards in HQ and all cards in the Runner’s grip.
Limit 1 per deck.


Purity - 2
ICE - Code Gate
-> Ignore card abilities used to initiate this run.
Str. 5

Tropical Island - 1
ICE - Code Gate
-> Remove 1 bad publicity when this run is successful.
We’ll turn the daily casts in our favour.
Str. 3

Gelatinous Cube - 6
ICE - Barrier - AP
-> End the run.
-> Do 1 net damage. The Runner gains $1.
-> Do 1 net damage. The Runner gains $1.
More dangerous on the inside.
Str. 5

Lord of the Pit - 3
ICE - Barrier
Trash a rezzed piece of ice when your turn begins.
-> End the run.
-> End the run.
Str. 7

Mindstealer - 4
ICE - Sentry - AP
-> Do 2 brain damage. If this run is successful, the Runner removes 2 brain damage and returns to his or her grip any cards discarded this way.
Str. 4

Sea Serpent - 9
ICE - Sentry - Tracer
You may forfeit an agenda rather than pay Sea Serpent’s rez cost.
Sea Serpent can’t be derezzed.
-> The Corp gains $1.
-> The Corp gains $1.
-> Trace 3 - If successful, give the Runner 1 tag.
-> End the run.
Str. 3

Tectonic Edge - 5
ICE - Trap
-> Trash the top 10 cards of the Runner’s stack. Trash Tectonic Edge.
Str. 2


Weaponized Humor - 0
Asset - Ambush
If Weaponized Humor is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.
If you pay $6 when the Runner accesses Weaponized Humor, if you don’t have a card named Weaponized Humor in your score area, add it to your score area as an agenda worth 1 agenda point. Ignore this effect if the Runner accesses Weaponized Humor from Archives.
Trash. 2

Omniscience - 4
As an additional cost to rez Omniscience, the Corp must forfeit an agenda.
When your turn begins, search R&D for 1 card and add it to HQ, then shuffle R&D.
Trash. 6

*Flying Dutchman - 5
Whenever you score an agenda, place 2 advancement tokens on a faceup card.
Trash. 3

Franchisee - 0
Gain $1 when your turn begins.
@ : Swap Franchisee with a faceup asset or agenda.
Trash. 1


Data Altar - 1
Each time the Runner accesses an agenda from this server, he or she must trash an installed program as an additional cost in order to steal it. This applies even during the run on which the Runner trashes Data Altar.
Trash. 1

Bermuda Grid - 3
Upgrade - Region
Other cards in this server with three or more advancement counters on them can’t be accessed. This applies even during the run on which the Runner trashes Bermuda Grid.
Limit 1 region per server.
Trash. 3


Treasure Hunt - 15
Operation - Transaction
Gain $21.

Fire the Cannons - 0
Operation - Black Ops
Do 1 meat damage if there is a faceup card in Archives named Fire the Cannons.
The first shot is just practice.

Entomb - 3
Search R&D for 1 card and put it into Archives. Shuffle R&D.

Eden Rising - 2
Operation - Current
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is stolen.
Ignore the install cost of the first piece of ice you install each turn.

#Neutral corp cards

Tarmogoyf - 2
ICE - Mythic
When the Runner encounters Tarmogoyf, it gains “-> End the run unless the runner pays $1.” for each card type among cards in the Runner’s heap for the remainder of this run.

Einstein - 8
ICE - Code Gate
-> The Corp has 1 additional @ to spend on his or her next turn.
-> The Corp has 1 additional @ to spend on his or her next turn.
Str. 6

Preparation - 2
Rez a piece of ice, lowering the rez cost by $5.



Jarryn Pattyn: Fridge Thief
The Corp can’t have more than two pieces of ice protecting HQ.
Link. 0

MacDuck: Rich Dude
@ , $26: Gain $39, then flip this identity.
Link. 0

Mr Freeze: Anti-Hero
Whenever you make a successful run on a remote server, the Corp can’t install cards in or protecting that server until your next turn.
Link. 1


Pitch - 1
Mem. 1
Program - Virus
The Corp can’t draw more than 1 card during his or her turn.
Trash Pitch if the Corp purges virus counters.

Autosave - 1
Mem. 1
Whenever you approach a piece of ice, host Autosave on that ice.
Whenever you make a successful run, Autosave is no longer hosted on a piece of ice.
@ , Trash: Make a run on the server protected by host ice, starting from the position of host ice.

Skeksis - 4
Mem. 3
Program - Icebreaker - Fracter
As you initiate the install of Skeksis, you may place any number of credits from your credit pool on it. Its memory cost is reduced by 1 for every $4 on it.
$1: Break barrier subroutine.
$1: +1 strength.
Str. 3
Inf. 4

Oogie Boogie - 6
Mem. 3
Program - Icebreaker - Decoder
As you initiate the install of Oogie Boogie, you may place any number of credits from your credit pool on it. Its memory cost is reduced by 1 for every $4 on it.
$1: Break code gate subroutine.
$1: +2 strength.
Str. 2
Inf. 4

Jaws - 2
Mem. 3
Program - Icebreaker - Killer
As you initiate the install of Jaws, you may place any number of credits from your credit pool on it. Its memory cost is reduced by 1 for every $4 on it.
$2: Break sentry subroutine.
Str. 12
Inf. 4


Wax On - 0
Event - Double
As an additional cost to play this event, spend @ .
Expose a piece of ice. The Corp must rez it by paying its rez cost, if able.

Wax Off - X
Derez a piece of ice. X is the rez cost of that ice.

Crowdfunding - 1
Gain $3. You may install 1 resource (paying the install cost).

Cold Day - 0
Event - Run
Make a run on HQ. If you access cards during this run, the Corp can’t play or install cards with the same names as cards you accessed until your next turn.

Shill - 2
Event - Run
Make a run. If the run is unsuccessful, but you didn’t jack out, gain $7.

Astroturfing - 5
As an additional cost to play Astroturfing, remove 1 bad publicity.
Gain $12 and draw 3 cards.

Look and Leap - 0
Expose 1 card installed in a remote server. You may make a run on that server.


*Union Dues - 0
Install only if there is an agenda in your score area.
When your turn begins, gain $2 and lose @ .
Stealing from the poor has never been so easy.

Consolation Prize - 1
Whenever you and the Corp reveal secretly spent credits, if you and the Corp spent a different number of credits, gain $2.

Tributary - 2
Whenever you make a successful run on a remote server, you may immediately make another run on a remote server you haven’t run this turn. If you do, take 1 tag.

*Steve Harvey - 8
Resource - Connection
The Corp needs 1 additional agenda point to win the game.

Prosperity Preacher - 5
Resource - Connection
@ : Each player draws a card. Use this ability only if the Corp has fewer cards in HQ than his or her maximum hand size.


Stolen Fridge - 0
Install only if you made a successful run on HQ this turn.
Trash: Prevent up to 7 meat damage.

Jar of Daylight - 1
When your turn begins, place 1 power counter on Jar of Daylight.
@ , 6 hosted power counters: Gain @@@@ . The Corp can take 1 bad publicity to prevent this.

*Ettin - 4
When your turn ends, if you made a successful run on R&D and a successful run on HQ this turn, access the card 5th from the top of R&D and access 1 card from HQ.

*Thermostat - 2
Hardware - Console
+1 MU
Use this credit during a run on HQ.

Magnetic Tape Drive - 2
Whenever an installed non-virus program is trashed, you may put it from your heap into your stack 3rd from the top.

#Neutral runner cards

Psychatog - 4
Mem. 1
Program - Icebreaker - AI
Remove 2 cards in your heap from the game: Break ice subroutine.
$2: +1 strength.
Str. 1

Overclock - 4
Event - Run
Make a run. Your icebreakers have +2 strength during this run.

Counterfeiter - 5
Resource - Connection
Each of your non-stealth cards with $R has 1 additional $R.


Buccaneers seems really good. It makes it near impossible to steal a Takeover. 18 creds!

Edit: oops, on,y twelve creds. Thought it said agenda cost.

Trade secrets is just a better GFI. Broken.

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12 creds for a Takeover, and only if it’s not installed.

GFI reduces your agenda density since it has a printed agenda value of 3, whereas Trade secrets doesn’t reduce your agenda density - it still counts as a 1 point agenda for determining how many you need in your deck


What’s with the fridge themed stuff?

Stolen Fridge is a tribute to Armored Fridge, a card from Original (Richard Garfield) Netrunner, which was like plascrete carapace except it had 7 counters instead of 4. I didn’t have a name for that runner ID when I was writing up this thread so I named him after the fridge card

You were out of ideas when you came up with Macduck weren’t you? :wink:

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Tried to bring back some old ideas and some new ideas - for example, a lot of the criminal controlling cards are inspired by the upcoming The Black File. MacDuck is based on an old idea, that criminals are meant to be the best at getting money. If you look at the core set almost half their cards are about getting money in some way.

Really like a lot of the ideas here.

A couple comments:

Masonic Lodge seems crazy to me? Weyland gets no influence (aside from Jackson) in exchange for… importing other faction barriers? 3x Eli and some Wraparounds is nice, but not enough to make that sort of sacrifice…

Lord of the Pit I’m guessing was intended only for Blue Sun?

I really like Trade Secrets, Nuclear Disarmament.

I don’t think Mindstealer would ever see play. It sounds neat, but is useless without protection behind it (more ICE, Caprice, Ash, etc) so it’s got all the weakness of other “positional ICE”- including that it doesn’t gear check or stop face-checking if it’s early game because there’s nothing behind it - and by the time you’ve built a giant scoring server with 3x ICE and defensive upgrades, only a dumb runner goes into that blind without the ability to break a str4 Sentry. So it’s basically just a “4 credit 4 Str 1 Sub Sentry”, but blank for half the use cases.

I like Flying Dutchman. Feels like the Weyland equivalent to SanSan City Grid. Enables major FA, but I think with Trash 3 and the inability to occupy the scoring server, it’s not OP.

Data Altar still fails to Film Critic, is that intentional?

Jarryn Pattyn - SIGN ME UP.

The Mem 3 breakers are a really neat idea, but unless you change the “As you initiate” install and drop the cost a bit, feels pretty weak. I would rewrite it as $3: Add a power counter, MU cost reduced by 1 per counter. Charging $14 credits up front for a decent decoder seems nuts, but I like the idea of “install a single powerful breaker turn 1, start face checking, later when I have cash pay to make room for others”. I can already do that by installing extra memory though, at about 1-1.5 credits per MU. So the flexibility and card slots might make it worth $3 per MU, but I can’t see $4 with no flexibility.

Wax On just seems like a crappier Forged Activation Orders?

Jar of Daylight is either crazy OP or super weak, and I haven’t decided which yet… It basically says “pay 1 credit and wait 6 turns to issue a bad pub.” (pretty much no corp ever says “sure have the extra 3 clicks”) But it’s not unique? So I guess you put 3 of them in your deck, they work like a delayed drip econ, and they turn on Blackmail strategies?

Psychatog - Aside from the MTG reference name, I like the idea of “hey Criminals, embrace your lack of recursion and turn it into magical broken subs”. Might need to be “remove 2 random cards” to be balanced? Not sure.

Edit: I just figured out why Mindstealer works. Jackson behind it lets you end the run with “neither successful nor unsuccessful” and thus makes Jackson “2 brain damage to trash” in which case I revise my “so weak it won’t see play” to “way too OP”

Looks like a fun set of cards!

Thoughts on the Weyland side of things:
Crust Towers is really clever.

Masonic Lodge seems confusing since Weyland as a faction is supposed to have good barriers. This ID forces you to spend more than twelve influence on Barriers to be better than a blank 45/15. That’s… not very good. Plus MWL means you can’t include Eli unless you give up Jackson.

Nuclear Disarmament feels slightly off faction. It feels more like NBN or maybe Jinteki to me.

Purity: if you reword to “this run is not considered successful or unsuccessful” does that accomplish mostly the same effect? I guess this would prevent you from using something like SEA Source afterwards. Just trying to stay consistent with templating instead of adding somewhat vague terminology. It’s a cool Weyland code gate aside from the phrasing.

Lord of the Pit: Awesome rush ice. I really like the design of it. Interesting combos with Executive Boot Camp, not to mention Blue Sun.

Mindstealer: Positional ice that deals brain damage feels more like Jinteki, or possibly HB, to me.

Sea Serpent: I’m guessing this is a sentry?

Omniscience: Super scary out of Titan who can now turn an unadvanced Atlas into two tutors. I like it, but I think I’d lower the trash cost since the threat of the kill means the runner probably has to trash it even if the corp doesn’t rez it.

Franchisee: I’m not sure I understand the point of this one. Is it so you can move things into/out of your scoring server?

Bermuda Grid: As written, it is a worse Red Herrings. Is this meant to apply even when you trash Bermuda Grid?

Fire the Cannons: Thematically, I don’t see why this doesn’t require a tag. Mechanically, this seems better than Neural EMP.

Eden Rising: I like this one. NEXT Design would love this card.

Einstein: Interesting card. My gut instinct is that it is over-costed since the runner can control when you get the bonus clicks, but it’d be interesting to see how a good runner would play around it. Is it best as a neutral card though? Maybe HB instead?

Preparation: Maybe make it 0/$3 instead of 2/$5? Otherwise I think it doesn’t compare well against Beanstalk Royalties since you’re giving up information. Sure, there are things like NEXT Ice and advance-only-when-rezzed ice, but I think those cases are situational enough where it’s okay to make the card stronger in those cases (plus NEXT Ice is too cheap to warrant the $5 discount).

Again, a lot of cool ideas in the set. Looking forward to taking a closer look at the Criminal side.

Edit – Criminal impressions:

Autosave: I see a lot of people coming up with ideas for cards that do this, and they all seem underwhelming to me. I guess this works as Caprice hate, but Criminal already has some spoiled cards that would do a better job at that. Perhaps make it so you “may host Autosave” so you can run a second server in between your autosave runs. Otherwise the run needs to end and you need to immediately rerun the same server.

These breakers are interesting, but very expensive. I could maybe see them getting used out of Shaper, using something like Dinosaurus or the new Chips to negate the memory cost, but the high install cost is also rough. Maybe you just go 5 MU with Desperado and do something like Corroder / Jaws / Zu13.

Crowdfunding - Feels too similar to Career Fair. Better on cheaper Resources, but kind of boring.

Cold Day - Seems like it could be easy to cheat (intentionally or not) with this. Also seems pretty weak.

Look and Leap - Cute. Might not be strong enough, but I like it.

Consolation Prize - Targeted psi-game hate feels too specific to me.

Tributary - The tag cost seems high. Limit this to once per turn and remove the tag cost? Maybe that’s too similar to Doppelganger. But as written, it is only more efficient than just running every remote if you plan to float the tags (or Paper Tripping?!) which makes feel like it is weak. Remove the install cost maybe?

Prosperity Preacher - This is a really expensive card given how situational the ability is. Can’t see anyone playing this over DLR, which is cheaper and has a much stronger effect.

Magnetic Tape Drive - This needs a non-virus restriction on it to prevent Parasite, Cache, and other nasty combos.

Re: Franchisee - yeah you put it into a fledgling scoring server and it’s an econ asset. If they come in to trash it, you learn whether your scoring server can really keep the runner out or not, and tax them a little. If they can’t get in, you can swap it with either a more valuable asset or an agenda, and you haven’t really risked anything.

That said, you could do all those things with a PAD campaign already, the only differences are this way you get to keep your econ asset (if you have another semi secure remote to move it to) and it costs you an extra click (to install agenda and swap it) and it’s cheaper to trash.

Sea serpent and Bermuda grid fixed. Added non virus to magnetic tape drive. Thanks.

Masonic lodge isn’t meant to be the strongest, like the professor. Though you can take 3x of high influence barriers like ashigaru and Wotan. It was originally designed before the MWL )-:

Lord of the pit can trash itself so it doesn’t eat your other ice. You can use it to get a quick score instead of long term (it doesn’t start eating till rezzed)

Mindstealer has the same interactions as bandwidth. I guess it’s dangerous with self destruct. The runner can always break the sub in that case.

Data altar is weylands red herrings / strongbox, so it’s vulnerable to the same things as they are.

Wax on has pros and cons compared to FAO. FAO can’t force the corp to spend credits.

Purity can also counter things like Run Amok and Dorm Computer which don’t care about the successfulness of a run.

Franchisee can be used multiple times to swap two other cards and then return to where it started, but yeah it’s probably not that useful.

Preparation is deliberately intended to support big ice (cost 5+). I could make it 1/5 and maybe add an influence but was being conservative.

Tributary is of course useless outside of tag me, but in tag me you can run every remote in one click which seems good.

Preacher is conservatively costed. It’s hard to compete with DLR which is a very powerful card, but this does have 2 benefits - you can draw while clicking, and you don’t have to be tagged (so you don’t have to let the corp trash it, you can keep it all game with no fall guys).

Thanks for taking the time to look at my set (-:

Did you just add the faceup thing to Buccaneers, or has that always been there?

It has always been there. You can check what has been edited in a post by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right of the post.

Nah - the fact that mind stealer is there means the server is still there, means the run is successful. OTOH, it is pretty banger with crisium.

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Ah, good point.

How about if cold day cost a few more credits and let you expose any card the corp installed during their next turn so you could make sure they weren’t cheating?

It just seems kind of clunky to me.

What if it’s a Hardware/Resource that lets you host cards that you access from HQ? It starts with 2 counters, loses a power counter at start of turn, and if there are no more counters left it returns the cards to HQ.

I think this makes it a lot stronger. It functions sort of like HQ multiaccess if you run the server multiple times. It lasts multiple turns (tweakable), though it doesn’t prevent the corp from using other copies of the card. It also would work with other run events like Legwork.

As written the card feels like it’s too weak to play. You’re doing a run event to get into HQ, and you have to get lucky enough to access a card they want to use the next turn. Compare it to something like Imp which removes the threat permanently and makes future runs on HQ in the same turn more threatening.

It wasn’t meant to be a good card, just something criminal-y. But your comparison to imp makes a good point.

How about taking the access requirement away; just make it

Make a run on HQ. If successful, the corp can’t play or install cards until your next turn.

Counters crick and architect too, but might be too oppressive with same old thing. Depends on the cost of course

Not “just a better” GFI. It reverses the thing - GFI is really good because it’s 2 points worth of agenda, but it takes 3 from your requirement.

This one only takes 1 agenda point out of your required 20 or however many you end up playing and is only worth 1 to the Runner, but 3 to you. The thing is that GFI puts the requirement in the Corps favor by screwing the Runner out of a point, while this doesn’t change the requirement - it fills the same space as a 3/1 to the runner. It doesn’t make it harder to win for the Runner - it makes it easier for the Corp. I don’t think it’s necessarily too bonkers to print, but it is powerful. It’s easy to compare it with GFI, but this is not near GFI power levels.