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[Pālanā Foods] Soylent Red (It's Made of Runners)

Jinteki gets 3x Caprice for free. That’s why. And before you mention PolOp, I will say that there is always Crisium.

Yes! I am looking forward to Astrolabe turning this ID into a better (at least for Jinteki) ETF!

No, rotation happens at the start of the eighth cycle. That is a long ways away.

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Given the updated thread title, are we required to use GFI in our lists for this ID?


Ah. So, two cycles early?

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Most definitely. “Must use all agendas with ‘food’ in the title.” :slight_smile:

This is sort of my expectation too; I have a hard time seeing this being better at it than RP.

It is pretty nice in that runners generally want to draw cards regardless of whether they are making runs, but it doesn’t apply any extra compression to the runner (RP compresses runner click econ, PE their hand econ) so the rest of the red cards will have to provide the gas here.


I mean, Caprice, right?


Also Chum, Improved Protein Source, and The Root (vegatables).


Stick that all in a pot, baby, you got a Graintrust goin’.


To echo what a lot of people have already said, I’m having trouble seeing what niche Palana is supposed to fill. It’s ETF but worse in a faction that already has money problems, and it’s trying to do what RP already does. I can grant that it will probably be the go-to for Jinteki glacier after rotation, but unless they print a lot of cards that support it (to make up for the loss of Caprice, Sundew, Celeb Gift, etc) I can’t imagine it’ll be relevant in high-level play.

That being said it’s a Jinteki ID so I’m obligated to test with it and see what happens. May work well for rush, but I don’t recommend getting too comfy since Braintrust is going away in rotation too. Blah.

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I don’t understand why people keeping saying Palana is worse than EtF. Runners are drawing pretty consistently at the moment (Professional Contacts and Wyldside are big right now), and Jinteki excels at small bits of damage throughout the course of the game. Is it because there isn’t anything to make the runner draw on the corps turn? Are we going to crucify it because it has a harder time double-dipping than EtF? :\

I feel like in the current meta where everyone is crying about Faust, Palana is positioned perfectly to help you figure it out.


Drug Dealer and IHW are all that come to mind for me, but there’s probably a bit more. Not nearly as much as ETF can get away with though.


I think it’s because the credit comes later, and the runner can decide when. For instance, the runner might not draw before doing a remote play, leaving you with 1c less than you would have had with EtF.


Maybe there will be support cards

Asset: Genetically modified food. 2 rez 5 trash.
When Genetically modified food is rezzed put 10 credits on it.
Every time the runner draws a card take 1 credit off.

That would make Wyldcakes/IHW/QT an amazing payoff for the corp.


Comparing the ability to one in another faction doesn’t seem very productive; it’s not like you can just swap them out. Jinteki’s card pool is generally better than HB’s, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to say it could be better than EtF.


Isn’t there a spoiled ICE with subrotines “runner draws 3 cards and discards down to their hand size”? I imagine that would do work for Palana.

I think a good archetype for Palana is thousand cuts/runner mill. Make the runner draw as much as possible to burn down their deck and be open kill from almost any net damage. I’m thinking overwriters/snares/junebugs+mushin and museums thrown in to keep recycling traps.


Chetana is neat, but if you’re going to do 1000 cuts or Cambridge-type things why not just play PE? It’s better at it. Even IG is better at grinding the runner down because its ID forces the runner to hurt themselves to check archives. Getting an extra credit most runner turns just isn’t as synergistic.

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I don’t think I agree with this. Jinteki’s card pool suffers from a similar divide as Weyland’s (although not to the same degree obviously) where some of their cards are good for scoring strategies, and some are oriented towards damage strategies, and trying to mix the two generally results in a worse deck. HB not only has some of the best cards in general corp side, but doesn’t have the split that Weyland and Jinteki do. I’m curious as to what makes you think this, because I’d put Jinteki comfortably 3rd after HB and NBN.

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I can’t imagine that being very good, Mimic gets through for +1c.

Were you looking for Harvester? (Again, Yog for 0 :frowning:)


You’re right on both accounts. They’re both rarely going to fire, but at least the subs are interesting and Harvester might fire once when they don’t have a decoder yet.

Jinteki really needs more good ice.

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