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[Pālanā Foods] Soylent Red (It's Made of Runners)

46 Tech Cards and 3 Caprice Nisei’s :wink:

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I think this is the general consensus right now, but I don’t agree with it, especially after the release of this ID. NBN is good because of a multitude of reasons (I wouldn’t have to list them) and HB has good ice. But the unrivaled stopping power of Caprice can change the way the game is played. IG glacier is never going to be tournament viable (due to time and mental stamina) but I have a really good win rate with it in this recent meta, even against ice feast. Jinteki has quietly been assembling a strong support card pool for Caprice oriented decks.

Anyways, about the ID itself, I don’t think you play 3 Sundew. Maybe one to pressure them into running your remote, but I think 3 PAD, MHC, Hedge, Gift, and maybe 2 Restructure should be enough to fuel your big ice suite. I am really optamistic about this ID, as if you look at a lot of the best ID’s activate thier abilitys once a turn for acceleration in cards or credit discounts/boosts (Kate, ETF, NEH, Whizz, Blue Sun, and now Palana!)

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Palana will be very close if not right there with ETF. ETF rewards you for doing things you typically want to do. Palana rewards you for the runner doing things they have to do.


In large part, the very poor performance of non-EtF HB IDs when you look at statistics. They certainly have the appearance of a lacklustre (or worse) corp being shored up by a very strong ID.

Also, Jinteki have Caprice.

I’d argue that the main reason for non-ETF IDs doing poorly is that the faction is balanced around ETF’s drip. Not having it is crippling. On top of that a lot of the non-ETF ID abilities are pretty bad. CD’s text is barely an ability. NEXT had no reason to have 12 inf. Foundry thins your R&D and gets predictable. CI is gimmicky. ST and CB are too poor.

To swing this over to Jinteki’s card pool, the only strong defensive upgrade they have is Caprice. Batty sort of counts but he’s more of an aggressive tool. Their ICE is more porous than HB despite not being clickable because most of it can’t stop the runner, so they rely on sheer tax and PSI games to dissuade runs. It’s just not as reliable as HB at this point and Palana addresses none of the problems.

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Gimmicky is a weird word here. Without Noise, it’d be comfortably the strongest corp deck right now, largely due to its excellent whizz matchup. Agree with everything else you said.


I’m not 100% sold on it being the best because combo decks can have a lot of variance, but it would definitely be a lot better in a world where Noise didn’t kick its sandcastle over.

This is even better than giving me 1c!

I WANT the runner to hit my remotes before they draw up! That’s how flatlines happen. I’m also very happy to run Lockdown, so if the runner runs before drawing, hits lockdown and cannot draw, then hits net damage, they are set up for a flatline.

I see this shift in runner behavior as a greater benefit for the corp than the 1c.


I would argue that an ‘always on’ econ form an ID is a more dependable economy that synergizes very well with Cambridge-style trap play. The extra credits could afford a faster, more aggressive play, or allow more expensive cards that typically don’t see much use in the archetype come in when there is extra cash available to support them.


Harvester is garbage. It’s a free Quality Time if the runner runs it with an empty hand.

Anyone noticed Inject will not proc Palana foods, which provides another way to play around this?


But, Gyri + Hiro + Havester!


I kinda want to see if someone can pull off a whirlpool/cell portal loop with Gyri+Harvester to make a runner deck themselves and then hit a snare…


if you make a glacier you can name it foodfoods


I think you mean Shopcoats.



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The synergy of this ID with Drug Dealer makes you wonder what kind of “foods” are they actually growing there…

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I think I’ll be calling my version Tikka Masala.

Or if it’s a rush deck, Curry in a Hurry.


Who was it that suggested Panda Express in slack?

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I think this is a terrible idea. There are already a slew of Runner decks that slot Levy AR. I don’t see it being something you can reliably achieve, and additionally, while you’re ostensibly working towards your game plan you’re giving the Runner the opportunity to see all the cards they’re looking for. Seems like a pipe dream.

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