[Pālanā Foods] - Soylent Red (Its Made of Runners)

Getting hyped for a new ID that’s close in value to ETF, just with all the fun red stuff. Will this take over as THE red ID to play? Thoughts, tricks, discussions and decklists about this exciting new ID here.

Things to note

Ability triggers on anything that draws the runner cards, not only when they click to draw. Things like Wyldside, Diesel, Pro etc all trigger the IDs ability

Forcing the runner to draw cards on your turn also trigger your IDs ability. Cards like the spoiled Pālanā Agroplex, Drug Dealer, Astrolabe and hitting I’ve Had Worse with Net/Meat damage trigger this IDs ability.

ID seems like a good rush/Glacier ID with the amount of money it can generate and it seems to do well with mostly operational econ.

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