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Palana vs. ETF

Would you not say that Palana has more influence to spend on nifty ICE though?

I agree with Sotomatic in that Palana has an option to deviate from drip econ that is palatable, providing it with more flexibility.

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Well, it has won more tournaments than all non-ETF identities combined. It used to be a tournament mainstay in 2014 and has had a small resurgence recently, having won a couple Store Championshups last week:


I also feel it’s a quite strong identity that simply has had virtually no support. It can still shine when the metagame is favourable but deep down you are using the same cards you used 2 years ago. It’s actually far more versatile than it looks, you can play with small remotes if needed, the problem is that there’s nothing that pairs well with it.


I would argue that the clearances were made for CI. I mean, think about it. You draw cards and get credits, the two things CI wants to do.

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ashigaru & IQ arrived 1.5 cycles later and could both be considered support cards also.

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I had CBI Raid played on me three times in one game as 7 point Shutdown CI at my league last night. After the second one, he dropped Keyhole and ran through my R&D Quandary to take out my Power Shutdown (which I’d stacked beneath a Diagnostics and Biotic). He also got a Siphon or two off, but I stuffed the Vamp with double Turing and then won with a full combo.


What about running Genetics Pavilion to minimize the runner compressing her drawing into one turn? As an added benefit it makes draw cards like Quality Time and Levy worse. With a 1 to 5 cost to trash ratio you shouldn’t have to protect it with anything except against security testing.


It’s a good one-of to either tax the runner or give you an economic advantage since they will have to spread out their draws more. It’s also great against Faust/Wyldside/I’ve Had Worse.


CI is arguably (I would certainly argue it all day) the best HB ID. Certainly top 2 with ETF, as the only two that are even playable competitively.


I guess by plethora I really just mean three of them other than ETF, and those are CI/CD/Foundry. Stronger Together if D4v1D also didn’t exist. ST is the biggest loser of the “Is it better in ETF?” question. That’s not to mention purple cards are just generally pretty good regardless of ID.

I the idea that @Sotomatic had with going heavy on operations in Palana. It seems like it could leverage Restructure pretty well with the extra cred. Maybe start with 3x Hedge, 3x Celebrity Gift, 3x Restructure as the package?