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PAX East 2016 Netrunner Meetup?

Any fellow Stimhackers going to PAX East this year (April 22-24th)?

I haven’t heard if there will be any tournaments or prize support there (FFG didn’t do anything last year) but I’ll be bringing my cards anyway.

The Boston community is pretty small. There’s a tournament every saturday in central square, which is sort of nearby, but not really.

I was there last year Kiv and the convention wasn’t near as good as the surrounding bars and restaurants. I enjoyed walking around boston more and taking in a different city. If we get a group of Nerdrunners and rent a hotel though, it might be a good time!

As it happens I have Friday and Sunday tickets only, so I could make it to that! Thanks for the info, I’ll probably bug you for more details :smile:

I was there last year too and while I enjoyed a lot of the indie stuff I wasn’t really interested in waiting in huge lines to try the big name titles. We’ll probably be driving up on the 19th so I’m open to alternate activities!

Haven’t booked a place to stay yet, any recommendations? Don’t care at all if it’s fancy as long as it’s safe and reasonably priced.

I stayed at the Hilton hoping for a night in Paris…

Real talk, I have no idea how the other hotels are. I think looking up reviews is the best idea. We split the Hilton 5 ways and it was much cheaper than if 2 people were to split. I played only indy games too. Oculus and Overwatch were just insane. I was in the financial district at the Hilton. There was only coffee shops, Dunkin Donuts, Irish pubs, investment firms, and sky scrapers lol. It was still neat.

I’d do it again for the right price.

I live an hour north in NH and, though I’m not interested in PAX at the moment, I would love to come down for some ANR outside the convention. Keeping an eye on this thread.

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I know I will be there and am planning to bring at least a pair of decks. I am up for a tournament or event later in the evening one of the days.

Events posted today, but no netrunner to be seen. Sadness!

The FFG Flight Crew will be there at Pax demoing various games. I’ll be running a Netrunner tournament on Sunday. Working out the details now as far as time and prize support.

Great to hear it. I wasn’t going to bother bringing my cards since I didn’t think there was anything going on but it would be great if we had any Lotus or Eli or NAPD promos!

I would love to play at PAX. I will have decks with me and be ready to go. Nice to hear that FFG will be there as well.

Bad news. FFG wasn’t able to secure any tournament space:(

Aw, that’s really disappointing. Is FFG going to have any swag at all for visiting their booth?

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Not that I know of. We are just demoing a few games. No FFG employee will be there, just the Flight Crew.

That’s a real bummer. Well, I will still have my decks with me if anyone is around for a game or two.