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PAX Unplugged

EDIT We will be using the newest Rotation, MWL, and System Core 19 from NISEI. More information can be found here: http://nisei.net/article/SC2019

Hello everyone, I have an exciting announcement for those of you attending PAX Unplugged later this year!

As PAX Unplugged fast approaches, some of us in the Netrunner community were trying to figure out how to best run a Netrunner event at Unplugged, while still allowing it to be as flexible as possible. Most of the time there is low turnout at convention tournaments, because it is hard to balance time between all the different games to play, panels to go to, and people to meet. Well that problem is at an end. Let me introduce you to the [[Convention Challenge format]]

What is it?:
The [[Convention Challenge format]] is a casual “tournament” structure that allows you to be as competitive as you want. It takes place over the entire weekend, and is structured as such:

  1. At the beginning of the weekend, you will be given 3 “memory tokens”
  2. Over the course of the weekend, you will be able to challenge players to a game of Netrunner.
    • Decide with your opponent who will be playing corp and who will be playing runner
    • Play the game of Netrunner, whoever wins takes a “memory token” from the loser.
  3. Once you have collected 6 “memory tokens”, you can turn those in for prizes (and more memory tokens (see below)

Memory tokens will be pins that you can wear on your lanyard/backpack/jacket, to signify to others that you are part of the tournament.

Sign ups can be found here. This document will be used to track who is participating in the event.

But what happens if I get kicked out?
Don’t worry, if you do get kicked out there will be ways to earn more memory tokens. You can earn tokens IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY the following ways:

  1. Playing a tournament organizer will give you the opportunity to earn memory tokens.
  2. You can also earn memory tokens by playing against those that have completed the challenge already and gotten 6 tokens of their own.
  3. Other ways to get tokens will be added later.

Organizing games:
The best way to organize games will be to join the #pax-unplugged stimhack slack channel. There we can all coordinate on where to meet, and challenge each other to games for precious memory! The google sheet posted above will have participant’s name and picture to more easily find each other.

(Prize support to be announced)

  • At the start of the event you will be given a participation prize pack, which will include your memory tokens.
  • After 6 memory tokens are collected, you can turn them in to the tournament organizers for other prizes.

Because this whole format is heavily inspired by the card game anime YuGiOh, we are also having a few bonus challenges

  • Anyone that has a themed deck will earn a prize
  • Anyone that participates in the SUPER SECRET CHALLENGE (to be announced)

Some other rules

  • You must provide for yourself 1 corp and 1 runner deck that adheres to the current MWL rules
  • Players may change their decks in between games.
  • You may only challenge a person once per day.

There will be set times where you can meet the tournament organizers for redeeming prizes, picking up participation prizes, challenging the organizers, etc. These times will be released as we get closer to the event.

Q. I’m only a casual player, is this tournament for me?

A. Of course! We welcome players of all skill levels.

Q. Will proxies be allowed?

A. YES! If you do not have a card feel free to proxy it. If you are using proxies (or FFG alt-art cards) please use opaque sleeves. Also if you are printing your proxies on printer paper, sleeve your proxy with another card of some kind, so that they shuffle evenly.

Q. What decks will be allowed?

A. We will be using either FFG’s latest MWL* OR the most up to date standard tournament deckbuilding rules from the NISEI fan organization, whichever are the most recent.

  • This includes the champ cards from worlds, but does NOT include the “community cards” designed at worlds.

Q. Did you just rip off the first season of YuGiOh for this format?

A. No, not at all. That is crazy talk. We couldn’t get giant holographic projectors for our card game like in the TV show…

If you are interested at all in this type of event, please post below. As we get closer to the event there will be a signup sheet posted here.


I knew this format seemed oddly familiar! :wink:

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Sample of our “memory chits” Each player will start with 3!

That sounds super cool! I wish I was at PAX Unplugged!

I guess the only thing that could be added would be a dedicated meet-up space where people can gather to find match-ups? That might also make it more of a community event.

An example of the participation prizes!