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Are there any guides or thoughts on decorum when spectating a game on Jinteki or OCTGN?

Recently I was having a nice game when a Stimhacker joined as a spectator and said hello, nothing wrong with that.

Then he told my opponent I was really good and that he was in trouble. I presumed at this point they were friends having light-hearted banter. Turns out not though. Is it a bit weird to start that sort of conversation in a game you’re not playing? I think it would be unusual in a game I am playing in.

Later the Stimhacker commented on a card my opponent played with something along the lines of “I wonder if that card will ever be good”. I don’t know what the intent was, but all I could see was someone playing their game and a random spectator saying “that card is rubbish, you shouldn’t play it”. But maybe my interpretation is off. Either way I don’t really think it’s helpful to discuss choices while two people are trying to have a game.

On a separate occasion (well more than one) I’ve had " helpful" spectators try to point out things that were missed or rules clarifications. As far as I can recall, most of these have been incorrect, and all were unsolicited.

Do we have an article on etiquette for spectators? Should you get involved in a game in progress? How much is too much? Am I mithering about nothing?

Invited guests are one thing but if you go poking around in someone else’s game, are there tacit rules or behaviours we should be following?


I don’t know of any etiquette guide besides the one on: Guide · mtgred/netrunner Wiki · GitHub but that doesn’t cover spectating. I’m sure we can write one, but I’m afraid only Stimhackers would probably (hopefully) read it.

Maybe you can add a list of “spectator etiquette” points to your post and we could all add our thoughts to that?

Edit: Also, a more descriptive title could help? Or we could have a separate “etiquette” post once we’re done and ask one of the admins to sticky it.

do u think spectator kindly asking about possible missing trigger rules is ok? i did it few times and i dont think it was bad behaviour altho i’d like to know others opinion.

i agree that commenting on gameplay or card choices is awful.


In my SHL game vs @Jander a spectator made lots of comments that got me irritated. I eventually went on a 9-line rant about how they weren’t making sense and then they shut up. I don’t think they were being malicious, but it certainly was pissing me off.

I don’t think that spectators should be saying anything until after the game. @prozz I think missed mandatory triggers are fine to bring up - you’re like a judge-lite. Missing optional triggers or giving play advice is an obvious no-no.


it was something like no -1 cred on gagarin access on jinteki (when that was not implemented yet), or doing femme for -1 when more subs on ice.

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Yeah that seems helpful - I appreciate that in my games.

If you can figure out a way to get @mediohxcore to stop joining my games and making fun of my play, I’ll thank you :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry I didn’t intervene, his comments were out of place.

I try and keep quiet for the most part, certainly no comments on the respective quality of either side’s deck or playing ability. If there is a rules disagreement and I know the answer I will generally chip in (I’ve noticed others doing this). I’ll also sometimes give an ‘ooof’ on a particularly brutal play from one side (a 6 point Maker’s Eye for instance!).

Oh, and give a ‘thank you for letting me watch’ if it’s been a particularly good match!

A dream feature for 'teki would be a spectator chat channel so you can talk among yourselves as you watch. Not sure exactly how it would work, but would make streaming games with friends easier. I usually have to hop over to our group chat on FB if something intense happens!

No problem! Some enjoyable matches anyway (apart from losing :))

In OCTGN you can disable spectators as the host if you need to.

You can do this on Jinteli too - I’d rather not blanket ban people from watching games personally (as lots of folk advise new starters to watch matches to learn the game), but it’d be nice to have some balance from the crowds.

A feature where you can have “spectator only” mode, so people can watch, but not comment in chat perhaps?

I think this sort of stuff is generally fine, but have had people who “know” answers, but actually don’t know them.

There’s also a timing issue, where folk have started telling others about triggers or effects without sufficient pause - or lag can cause comments unnecessarily for example.

It’s a tricky area. Some people don’t like unexpected commentary at all, some are glad of the help, some treat it like a forum discussion (while their opponent might just want a quick game).

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Oh dear god what have I done

(pretty sure you aren’t talking about me but I kind of do this sort of thing on a regular basis)

They should be able to add a toggle button, show/hide spectator in chat. With that spectators can chat away without disturbing the players.

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I don’t often spectate random games unless I know one of the people playing, and even then I won’t say anything unless I see a mistake someone makes. Other than that I just will let the people play their game.

I think most people can agree on these:

  • Don’t be rude
  • Friendly reminders about mandatory triggers are fine
  • Don’t coach during a game
  • Spectate as you’d want others to spectate your games
  • Light conversation upon entering the room is fine, don’t distract them with questions or comments
  • Just as it is offline, it’s polite while playing online to wear sleeves

eh, my general rule (meaning, for myself) is to stfu until either
A) the end of the game, or
B) the players are disagreeing (in my primary language) on a rule that I am absolutely certain I know the right answer to.

If I’m spectating for a friend (either for fun or for mentoring) It’s always important to let the other player know who you are and what the context is. Otherwise, opinions, coaching, or just general too-much-chatter are all unacceptable, in my book.

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I’m a serial “join random games” spectator, mainly so I can live vicariously through the people playing while half paying attention to work.

I don’t think I’ve ever said a word though, I’m already intruding a bit and not looking to draw attention to my presence or throw off anyone’s game. More people think they have the rare ability to give constructive criticism to strangers in a friendly manner than actually do.