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Peddling Peddler - All Things Kit

If you are planning to go all in on Spooned I’d suggest 3xSOT.

When O&C hits I’ll try a Kit ICE Destruction aswell. But I’ll probably use 2xParasite.
With 2 Spooned, 3 Same Old Thing, 2 Parasite, 3 Clone Chip. You can destroy up to 10 ICE.
Add LARLA to the mix for a total of 20 ICE :smiley:
Parasite a very valuable card for ICE destruction IMO. Spending a Spooned to destroy ICEs with low STR is not entirely worth it. Imagine spending spooned to destroy an Ice Wall or Rototurret.

2 Spooned, 1 Parasite and 2 Datasuckers seems more reasonable to me ;). Katman only needed a single parasite and it was probably one of the strongest shaper parasite recursion deck :slight_smile:


Or that! Like I said, haven’t tested it, just an idea that popped into my head. Datasuckers + Atman probably is better, backed up by some good old Cyber-Cypher for very early agression. Needs testing of course.

Any thoughts on Collective Counsciouness? I think it could give a lot of draw for an ICE destruction deck.

That’s pretty much exactly what I’m doing, though I’m considering swapping one Datasucker for Femme or Mimic, just because Architect is so prevalent. 1 Sucker feels weak, even in Shaper, though. We’ll see where the cards fall.

Scavenge is actually a pretty good way to recur Parasite as well. It’s very situational, but sometimes you don’t need that Inti/Lady/Whatever anymore. I’ve even installed dead programs for the match-up like Deus X or Sharpshooter to Scavenge back a key program.

Edit: Oh, and Test Run to kill a 0 Strength Ice or use your Data Sucker to finish something off is legit.

1 datasucker in shaper is okay, depending on if you’re playinc SMC and are willing to pop one of them early for it. Otherwise I agree, it probably isn’t going to do as much work as a stimhack or shard.

Esepcially with parasite recursion, if you’re going the scavenge route, personally I might try to find room for Sahasrara (or maybe collective concsiousness?) over one of your other economy slots, since it is going to be doing a lot of work paying for parasite over and over.

What I worry about is having too many SMC targets. You need your Code Gate Breaker. And your first Parasite. And your Data Sucker. And maybe your Deus X or Sharpshooter or Fracter or Killer or or or or…you want to be able to draw into some of your tools.

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I agree, and if you don’t think the priority is there for datasucker, then the conclusion might be to find a card that fits the strategy better.

That’s why I’m thinking about Collective Counciousness, to draw the non priority ones! Once you don’t need it anymore, scavenge it! [Totally agree with you Felix, scavenging for another parasite is very good!]

You got your Codegate Breaker to go through Architect. Worst case scenario you can still put a Atman str3 and use a sucker token for the inevitable Eli :wink:
4 isn’t so much the magic number in Kit since you already have some way to deal with Lotus Field without relying on Atman.

Play Your Code Gate Breaker in 3x, even 4 if you’re relying on CyCy + Torch (like 3 CyCy for the early game, who can still be scavenged for a Parasite and Torch for your late game solution). If you go to the Stealth Route, play 3x Refractor and 3x Lockpick with 2 Ghost Runner as your backup Stealth. It works as well. No need of Cloak.

architect is sentry…

Not if it’s the first ICE you encounter, which should be if you destroy all other ICE.

Aight, I’m convinced to try double Datasucker No Sentry Breaker at first. We’ll see what happens. I think I have a deep fear of some kind of horrifying double Architect R&D.

Escher to the rescue! I can’t build Kit decks without it.

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Ah yeah, that’s a good point. I really like Escher but it usually ends up being the “46th” card for me and getting cut. This deck, perhaps that shouldn’t be the case.

In a ICE destruction strategy, using Atman as yours backup breakers for annoying ICE should be enough ;).


First draft :smile:


Rielle “Kit” Peddler: Transhuman (Creation and Control)

Event (12)

Hardware (11)

Resource (9)

Icebreaker (7)

Program (6)

10 influence spent (max 10)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Order and Chaos

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

What can be improved:

  • I’m thinking about an Aesop/rara or Aesop/ice analyzer econ package. Not sure if it’s worth it
  • Refractor instead of Gordian is obvious but Refractor alone doesn’t work against 3 to 5 str ICE, which sucks against Eli, WoS, Architect and all strong mid-range ICEs.
  • Maybe Dirty Laundry isn’t worth it since the deck doesnt play neither VoicePad or Desperado but without, the deck will lack econs.
  • I should find some room to play at least 2 Armitage Codebusting, maybe by removing the 2 test run which only serve for Parasite anyway.
  • I should also find room for at least 1 if not 2 plas. No clues on what should I remove instead.

With gordian instead of refractor you don’t need lockpicks. Maybe 2 kati jones to beef up the procon; I always liked the two together better than either alone. And, what, no 46th card? :wink:

It’s mostly to decrease the run cost since I feel the deck is light on econ. But maybe just increase the econ cards by 2-3 would be better. Like 2 Kati / 1 Plas.

You can maybe cut an SMC too? Depends how much you need to see datasucker early. That seems less important with gordian than with refractor. Also, will you ever need more than 5 MU? Consider the 3rd astrolabe over akamatsu, or just cutting the akamatsu also.

Running 3 GB and not running SMC doesn’t make sense to me. I’d much rather have 1xGordian and 2xSMC than 3xGordian, just for the flexibility.