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Planning a Draft Night at our Netrunner League

Hey guys, I was wondering - How many players can a genesis cycle draft set support? I’m planning to buy some sets just to put together an ANR genesis cube for our league, the only problem is there will usually be 8-12 people playing and I’m wondering if it will be worth doing if only 4 people can draft out of the cube at a time.

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With the whole cycle you can comfortably do 4 and cut some cards even (going to do an article on maintaining the cube with the new stuff soon).

8 people is trickier unfortunately. You could do two sets and easily go to 8 I think. With 8 people you need 480 cards per side at 60 cards drafted per player. You could draft less cards, especially if you just remove identities completely and make 40 cards the minimum deck size for everyone.

Some back of the envelope math:
57 cards per data pack (ignore identities) * 6 = 342 + 245 cards in the core set = 587 cards total. With just another core set you would go up to 832 cards total. If everyone drafts 50 cards instead of 60 then you only need 400 cards per side, so that should work out. Alternatively if everyone only drafts 45 cards the decks might be a bit weaker but it will definitely work out.

TLDR: If you cut back on the number of cards drafted and either add one more core set or another data cycle it will work with 8.

Thanks for the clarifications, I will have to put the cube on hold until the expansions are available again then. I’ll come back then with a write up!

So we had a draft night last night. We had enough cards to set up 2 four man draft pods and play for store credit.

It was pretty interesting, I thought I had a good strategy drafting good low cost ice (and 2-3 bombs) but it was completely hosed by all of the yogs and mimics that got spread out. A lot of us managed to draft cohesive strategies, it was pretty sweet!

I liked drafting corp first, since it gave us all a chance to “hate-draft” cards out of the runner pool, that being said the runner draft was really challenging overall. I don’t think anyone got hosed on econ, there wasn’t as much credit-clicking as I expected.

I got first pick account siphon, then was able to draft the other siphon and both deja vus, not being able to get a kati or a magnum opus - I ended up going criminal and trying to run a tricks/account siphon based gameplan that worked “just ok.”

The winner got some good breakers and a 3 pack of test runs in his runner pool, his corp pool ended up like mine, being mostly bioroids and neural katanas.

One of the guys at the other table somehow drafted a replicator deck which was a pretty hilarious and cool accomplishment.

The shaper gameplan is pretty powerful in this format, corps are hilariously unpredictable, I botched my deckbuilding and used 40 cards for both corp and runner, clearly taking 44 cards next time - runner was okay with 40, but given the unpredictability of the corp, running with more than 40 is probably desirable.

Drafting is definitely a great way to kill time between data pack releases!

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Glad you guys had fun. And yeah, drafting corp compared to drafting runner is totally different.